Under the radar films ?

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  1. Hey blades, im a big film fan. But most of my favourites are under the radar, meaning they don't have a cinema release, and usually unheard of actors and actresses.
    Anybody know any good ones ? :smoke:
  2. Pontypool

  3. Good choice, but i've seen it :smoke:
    Great film though.
  4. The Hammer

    Not that much under the radar( did play at cinemas I beleive) but I never heard of this one neither any of the friends I asked

    To be honnest, I dont even remember the movie that well but I remember I liked it alot
  5. It wasn't exactly completely unreleased, but "Ghost Dog, Way of the Samurai" was great, so was "The Tao of Steve".

    Others I saw a long time ago and loved were:
    Pastime - Depressing movie about baseball in the Jim Crow south, fucking amazing acting
    12:01 - Made for TV movie about a time loop, loved it back then, haven't seen it since.
  6. i dunno if this would count, but it was limited theater release(im assuming, since I never saw it in any of the theaters around where i live), and is THE role for otherwise pretty horrible actor Colin farrel, but In bruges is a really great movie alot of ppl I know have never heard of.
  7. The Sunset Limited
  8. Shanghai was a great movie. (in English)

    Also check out Shaolin (it's in Chinese but there are English subtitles)
  9. Enter the Void

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJkPLYmUyzg]Enter The Void Trailer HD - YouTube[/ame]
  10. Chloe... pretty nice movie. No one I've talked to about it has heard of it. Some decent lesbian scenes with Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried

  11. Nature of Existence
  12. Enter the Void is a great suggestion.
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  14. Just watched this on streaming netflix (wii to HDTV) called "The Football Factory". Pretty crazy movie and if you liked Green Street Hooligans you will like this much more. It is pretty gruesome at parts and shot in a gritty style. All around, it's just a better storyline and more believable characters.
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