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  1. so heres the story
    yesterday my homie leaves from my house with another friend they go hang out at a diffrent friends house so theyre just kicking it outside his house when all of a sudden they hear "we've got him all units move in" so a bunch of cops (about ten or twelve) come out and they cuff my the second friend
    apparently what happened is they followed them from my house cuz the second friend looks like my first friends cousin if he shaved and theyre looking for him for i dont know what reason but there was about 8 suv's in the end they let them go but apparently they have my house my first friends house and his cousins house under surveillance now

    aint that some shit i guess they think were hiding him but now im too scared to even smoke or get any bud cuz of the fact that they might try to get a search warrant to look for him
    all im really looking for is someone to say something smart that would make me calm down cuz im freaking out now!:eek:
  2. your paranoid....worrying way too much, unless your pablo escobar and we dont know about it, there shouldnt be a problem....the DEA isnt out to bust people for smokin a gram or 2 in the luxury of their own home
  3. dude just play it cool and dont do anything illegal!
  4. yea i know that but i usually buy about a half ounce to an ounce at a time and if these assholes get a search warrant come in my house and find nothing theyre gonna be pissed and take something so it wont be a waste of time
    my friends said that they were so pissed when it wasnt him that they searched them looking for something else but they had nothing on them
  5. do what I did when this happened keep everything illegal where you can destroy it within a matter of seconds

    I also kept anything I couldnt get rid of in my attic under a board in a wall from the top just sitting there then screw the board back

    and just relax bro if your all nervous and they are watching you they will pick up on that

    delete all phone records with anyone who the cops shouldnt know about too
  6. a search warrent has to be very specific, if they come looking for a man then they have to look in man shaped areas. That means if they are looking for something five foot tall, they cant look in small cabenets, they can only look in places that a man could logically hide. Hide your shit in the back of a drawer and they shouldn't be legally able to look their if they are only looking for someone.

    However, keep in mind what im saying is only what is supposed to happen. Cops will always break the law and will most likely search where ever they please. If they come with a warrant that says they are looking for a person and they leave with something that was in somewhere that someone couldn't logically hide, get a lawyer and that evidence should legally have to be dropped.
  7. damn thats pretty wild,,,, fukin cops, they aint got nothing better to do with thier time ?

    your buddys proably wanted for lifting some twinkies from the local 7-11///:rolleyes:
  8. Well bro, your in a fucked up situation. If you are intent on continuing to smoke with the cops watching, then simply put a half or a full O into 8th baggies, seal them up tight, and keep them floating in the toilet.

    If your not being watched for dealing, then there is no way the police can get a "no knock" warrent. This means that in the event of a search, your door isn't going to be kicked in, the police will knock and announce themselves. This will give you more than enugh time to run to the bathroom and flush the toilet. You'll loose some weed, but its the safest bet if you want to smoke but you know the cops could come at any moment.

    But I think you being alittle paranoid considering your friends were let go. The police would have had them in the station sweating them if they really wanted to know if anyone was hiding in the house.
  9. Then one day you have to take a mad shit then shit all over the marihuana.
  10. yea u guys are right i was paranoid
    the weird thing is i got high and the paranoia went away.
    Im pretty sure he did some crazy ass shit to have the cops watchin three houses for him but yea ill just buy like a dub at a time to be safe and smoke in my back yard so they dont show up with the house smelling like weed. The crazy shit is i dont know if theyre trying to scare us or telling the truth cuz those mothafuckers said that they would bring in a swat if they saw him come in to any of those house but i doubt it. Thanks for the advice though ill keep you guys posted if it turns out he killed someone or something haha

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