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  1. I looked for a couple threads like this and didn't see any.

    Anyways just like the title says, you guys have anything in your smoking arsenal that you feel doesn't get the love it deserves? Or that other's need to be aware of hidden awesomeness?? (Don't judge me LOL)

    Anyways #1 for me would have to be the pollen box. Only reason its underrated is cuz most ppl I no have never heard of them. Get one. You'll forever change how you smoke. I have 2. A large one for my coffee table and a small one for taking herb on the go! Everyone loves kief... lol


    2nd would have to be a chillum. Im a die-hard water pipe guy and mostly vape when not smoking water but if I'm just going for simple discrete tokes outside its always one of my chillums. That way you still get the quality glass smoke and can get absolutely moooooonster rips when hit properly through your hands.

    So what you guys think? Whatr your most underrated tools thar don't deserve to be!!
  2. I have a bubbler that people always hit a little to hard, its the funniest to watch veteran smokers get blown away by this little thing.
    And of the push button dry pieces, so nice for stealth toking, or getting ripped with friends. Variety of different sized tubes, even a glass bowl extension. Shits awesome. Its called the sidewinder. Smoke this everyday.
  3. over rated
  4. Most underrated - simple toothpick.

    Second most underrated - Beeline hempwicks.

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  5. not even ? I've had it for a year and it's the best thing I've ever bought . And I have a 14" beaker showerhead w/ diffused downstem and ice catches .$100 mflb > $200 bong
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    not even ? I've had it for a year and it's the best thing I've ever bought . And I have a 14" beaker showerhead w/ diffused downstem and ice catches .$100 mflb > $200 bong
    </blockquote>Don't get upset, we all know the qualities mflb possesses, we're just saying it's not underrated, whatsoever, especially with the praises it receives in this forum.

    Also, overrated doesn't mean it's bad.
    I thought The Dark Knight was a little overrated, doesn't mean it's not an awesome flick!

    The simple fact is, the MFLB should never be mentioned in this particular thread.

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  7. I'm going to say it homemade. Genius combinations of artwork fused together in one beautiful toke.
  8. The dug out perfect for on the go hits and the bats look like a cig.

    And I also agree with the toothpick
  9. I ordered a fumo pipe yesterday. Those sidewinders are supposed to be a ripoff of them. I think the only difference is the carb button is on top. Im so excited for it to come. Cant wait to use it.!!!
  10. Yeah, i know that its a rip off, i read up on the fumos after i purchased this from my friend, I think i actually rather the sidebutton, seems like its easier to access.
  11. Definitely toothpick is a good one. But a lighter is the most underrated for me. I've been using my herb iron for months now and hemp wick a long time before but there's no frustration like being on vacation, finally finding bud, rolling a joint or fashioning a toking tool and there is no lighters anywhere. 
  12. Regular glass spoon pipes
  13. Hell yea for me its paper clips but same idea. The hempick was #3 for me.

    Got say that IMO mflb are realllly overrated. I understand the techniques involved but I like a thicker hit and much prefer bag vapes
  14. And I love my dugout but replaced the bat w a glass one hitter.
  15. Great little piece, but a lot of people know about them and A LOT of companies make cheap knockoff versions because they know about the demand for the piece. So that is why I would say it is over-rated. Doesn't make it bad whatsoever, but in order for me to say it is under-rated it would have to be a much less widely known and used piece with less hype surrounding it.
  16. I think your basic metal bowl with a lid is underrated.
    Most people talk shit about them, and honestly they are kinda right about some things. However, there is absolutely nothing better when I am on a hike here in the mountains. Due to all the movement involved I can take a couple hits, throw it in my pocket or backpack and not loose my weed. Once I even dropped one in a river (picked it up within 2 seconds) and the weed stayed dry enough to smoke for the most part; I did let it sit in the sun for half an hour though.
  17. David Goldstien Rooster Apparatus. Shit is crazy and nobody has a clue what it is. 
  18. Hemp wick combined with a clipper lighter
    High quality grinders
    Pollen box

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