Under Rated Cereals

Discussion in 'General' started by iseesmurfs420, May 13, 2004.

  1. Hey guys im hella high and im eating honey nut clusters and they are so good. MMM honey. Tell me what is your most under rated cereal.
  2. honey nut cherios!!
  3. Lucky fuckin Charms man htey are teh w00t!
    Also, that reeses cereal is the metaphorical shizz my man!
  4. Natural Zen Cereal. Not the greatest tasting cereal ever (but I liked it and I'm not a fan of cereal). I saw a box of this in my friends cupboard and it had the best cereal box ever, it claims to give your body perfect zen... I was pretty stoned when I found the box, laughed my ass off.
  5. rice crispies........an hhhmm the kids like em'
  6. Qwaker oatmeal

    god, i hate that shite
  7. double scoop rasin bran. i love that stuff, but only with an assload of sugar on it. it makes ya poop good too!

    Those were the best cereals ever, but they stopped selling them...

    So now I eat mostly Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes and Cheerios.
  9. they still sell trix ($4.39/box) and fruity pebbles ($3.79/box) here in CT. (www.peapod.com zip code 06430 to see for yourself)

    i like cocoa puffs... and that reeses peanut butter cup shit...
    oh, and honey bunches of oats w/ almonds

    and rice crispies w/ slices of fresh fruit is always good.

    but honestly, i only eat cereal like once every 3 months or so ;p


  10. WTF they stopped selling fruity pebbles?
    Those are the chit, especially when your stoned.
  11. na they still sell trix and fruity pebbles. got a fresh box of trix in my cabinet. they're too tasty and sell too well to stop selling.
  12. special K
  13. Must be a regional thing, i havent even looked for them on the shelf.
    Frosted mini wheats is as junky as the wife lets us go. (she wears the pants around here:)
  14. King Vitamin. :cool:

  15. Damn, you are lucky, they disappeared off the shelves here in Canada like 2 years ago. Being an everyday cereal-for-breakfast kinda guy, I miss em.
  16. COCO DYNO BYTES!! I love generic cereal brands!!

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