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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by irl, May 12, 2011.

  1. hi all this is my first time posting so hello to everyone. im going to be starting a lr2 grow pretty soon and i just had a few quick questions. sorry if im being completely stoopid but if i grew two lr2's just under my desk with a 150w hps above them will they still grow properly as they are not in a box? as theyre auto flowering i thought light cycles wont be as important or is it? also will using lst damage them as the desk is about 27-28 inches off the floor and id like to keep them as low as possible any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks!!
  2. LST is a great way to keep the plant low and increase yield. It would be a good solution to your small space problem :)
  3. thanks for the reply thats what i was thinking the lighting situation is what im really worried about as its new furniture that i cant mess up drilling holes and screwing stuff onto and i have nowhere else to put a box so its gonna be open at the side anyone have any adviceor am i doomed to failure :p
  4. Have you checked out the PC box stealth grows? Check them out on youtube you might be interested in doing something similar.
  5. Remember "Jack and the BeanStalk" ?
  6. will do thanks a lot!!

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