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  1. First time grower here (herb atleast) and in need of advice asap please...I had the great idea of unscrewing a couple deck boards and digging a 3' by 4' hole about 2 ft deep which gives u about 3.5' of vertical space for a little grow. I made ventilation with intake and outtake with three outdoor 70w hps fixtures from local hardware store. I found a coir and perlite mixture that's organic from mg rhat seems to be what's helped the most so far. All grew immediately after transplant ed into coir mg soil. I will have to show some pics of the soil so you guys can see it....its pretty awesome stuff. Unfortunately I ran through a bunch of dumb mistakes trying to much at once and long story short stunted my plants. I'm growing bag purp and out of 5 seeds 4 turned out female but two died...one broken in half by fan falling while other due to unknown factor. I will upload pics soon but the hottest temps in light reaches low 90s while room temp is low 80s and rh is at 90% which I'm bringing down with damprid. Have co2 from yeast and sugar...but all in all I would like some help from all you guys to see if its even worth doing it here...

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  2. Here's the pics and the larger ones are the last two purp left and they are about two months old and the small two are nl nirvana fem and blue mystic nirvana fem and are about two weeks old....def are way too small bit just recently went in here but for some reason only the purp have took off and the little fem nirvana ones are being lame but well see I put them outside and it didnt help really... they were transplanted once and the purp way more like 3 or 4 times...I know retarded. Rh down to 75

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