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  1. I was thinking about setting up a under current system. If the pump is running on a half inch line. Is 2 inch return line large enough , or do i need to run 3 inch return line or should i go with smaller pump. Just for reference i was think about running a six bucket set up. The pump is 396 gph with half inch out.

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  2. bueler..... bueler ..... bueler
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  4. Under Current - THCfarmer

    problem solved...

    never get discouraged with no responses... they will happen in good time...

    your in a very small group first with hydro, then with the under current.... most don't know the answer to your questions
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    That is my biggest issue with this site. I asked in the Hydro section too and didnt get a response thats why i posted it in here. This site is like Donald Ducks brain, files all over the place nothing in the right folder, Folders mislabeled such a mess

    n e

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    Donald Duck in Mathland if you dont get the reference i know its half an hour long but its the internet you got something better to watch? ..... besides porn

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