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  1. I was thinking about setting up a under current system. If the pump is running on a half inch line. Is 2 inch return line large enough or should i go with smaller pump.

    no ego
  2. just for reference i was think about running a six bucket set up. the pump is 396 gallons.
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    Or im stupid and i should use 3" line because the last bucket will have to move at least a half inch of water from each bucket .... . Right ??

    n e
  4. I setup a DIY ebb and flo 5 bucket system with a 35gal res for my mothers, and it uses gravity for the return..

    I used a 250 GPH adjustable pump turned down half way with 1/2" feed lines and a 3/4" overflow lines drilled about 3" from the top of the buckets.. I flood for 15 minutes every 3-1/2hrs..

    Works perfectly and never had one overflow yet..
  5. Thats whats up. I got some swiss cheese and some nyc power diesel on its way ( fingers crossed ) so i need to get crackin on this. Thanks for the Info.
  6. They're is a forum for nothing but under current

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