(under construction) 600w RDWC ScroG

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I figured I may as well start a journal, even though I am still putting the finishing touches on my room.

    So far I have most of the framing done, just gotta finish the sheathing, painting, and ventilation.

    The dimensions are 4'x4'x6.5' for the flower room. I will have four 5g bubble buckets with a 20g res. The res will be stored below the clone/mother/veg chamber that will be 4'x4'x4'.

    I have a 6" 454cfm fan with a temp control on the fan.

    I have not decided what strain yet. I have an opportunity to get some clippings from an outdoor Purple Kush, or clones of my choice.

    I plan on doing a ScroG, after seeing what Rumpleforeskin has done.

    My water situation is kinda screwy. I have well water that is running at 3-350ppm and a high PH. I do not have a budget for an RO system, so I am forced to roll with it and see what happens. I will adjust as needed next round.

    I plan on using T-5s for veg, then swiching to a 600w HPS.
    Any feedback is appreciated, and I will post pics of my construction later.

    Hope to hear from you all soon...:hello:
  2. First time uploading photos, but here is my grow room (in progress).
    The right side will be devoted to flowering. I plan to have a 600w HPS, an occilating fan, with walls painted flat white for now. Mylar next run!
    On the lower left will be my res, as well as all my electrical connections etc... Above the res will be my mother, clone maker, and hopefully my second round in veg...
    I think my fan is too large, but I think I can do a second flower room with the same fan.
    Any input is appreciated.

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  3. Finishing touches..., have a few issues to work out. I only placed my gear in the closet to get it out of the way, and the light fixture is only temporary.
    1. I installed a 6" intake vent, but it only has chicken wire as a screen. I was thinking of either putting some sort of filter just outside the screen, or maybe a hepa filter at the flange that comes into the room.
    2. I got a temp controler for the 6" inline fan, but it only shuts it off at a set temperature. The fan is likely more than I need, but I am going to add a dimmer to it, and possibly a tee to vent the room, as well as the HPS light.
    3. I put a thermometer just under the T5HO lights with the fan off to see what temps I would be dealing with. I could not get it to rise above the ambient temp of 60 degrees. Although, it was 51 degrees and rainy. I am hoping that once I get some plants in there, with a couple more T5s I can get it in the 70's. I have a space heater if needed.

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