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Under 18 getting MMJ rec?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bamf64, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. My brother is 17 and he asked me the other day "(insert my name), can i get one of those marijuana cards you have? I dont want to take (insert list of medications he takes, most of them are for sleep trouble, add,adhd, and something else i cant think of) anymore. They make my head hurt and make me act like i don't want to and i heard that you can get a MMJ recommendation if you're under 18."

    I thought for a minute but had no answer...If my mom went to the doctor with him and approved, could he get recommended for MMJ and get a card?
  2. "your brother" riiiiiiiiiiight
  3. lol ^^ ya we know whats up bro.

    BUT to answer your question. yes you can. A kid i know who grows DANK ass weed has had his MMJ since the end of 6th grade. The kids a tard now and does a lot of Coke but thats beside the point.
  4. Yeah you can, I got mine when I was 17, just make sure you call the doc first and see if he will do it. When your 17, your gonna need a more convincing argument then, shoulder pain, or ADHD.
  5. It actually is my brother despite what you may beleive. I already have my card..

    Well he told me he has ADHD, ADD, depression, anxiety, a severe case of insomnia(i have this too and thats why i got my rec).
  6. Just give him your weed?
  7. Does your brother smoke at all? Cause he could try self medicating.
  8. Yep, your brother. Sure. As far as I know, you can get it underage, but your parents have to be the ones who buy for you, and like the dude said, if you go to a legit doctor you'll need a really good excuse. Can't you just buy him bud if you really have your card?

  9. I was wondering the same thing :rolleyes:
  10. youre goin to need your parents to go with him.

    since his a minor and all.

    but sharing is caring bruh!

    hook ur brother up..
  11. like everyone else has said, your parents would need to take him.

    Getting his card is one thing, but some dispensaries don't serve to under 18 regardless.

    hook your bro up.
  12. Saw a 17 year old girl on the Tyra Banks Show that had one. She got in an accident and what not.

    It was the episode of the hot MILF stoners arguing about weed to the old fat bitch ladies.
  13. I really hope this isn't true =\
  14. As a teen, I had horrible chronic pain, insomnia, and major depression. My doctors gave me so many pills, made me feel like crap, not even myself. But never would prescribe any weed, shit sucked. Stopped taking their pills then started to smoke.

  15. I bet you it is.
    I know a 15 year old with a 420 exempt 99 plant grow.

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