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Unconventional Methods

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by qraww, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. As much as I love smoking out of legit pieces, sometimes all I need to do the trick is an apple, or a home made water bottle bong just for the hell of it. What are some of you guys favorite make-shift smoking tools ?
  2. Why would I want to smoke out of something makeshift if I had something 'legit'.

    I won't smoke out of a regular pipe if I have a bong, I'm sure as hell not going to use an apple.
  3. If all else fails, I retreat to the horrid can...
  4. I can't say I'm with you on this one, OP. If nothing else its the convenience of the "legitimate" piece that keeps me from doing any homemade shit
  5. Just rotate from dry, water, paper
  6. haha for shits n giggles I made a Papaya bong a couple years back...
  7. Hey, man, we're out of papers.
    All right. Then get me a toilet paper roll, a corkscrew and some tin foil.
    We don't have a corkscrew.
    All right. Then get me an avocado, an ice pick and my snorkel.
    Trust me, bro. I've made bongs with less. Hurry up!
  8. Using an apple is the worst method ever.
    If by some chance I don't have a legit piece, i'm definitely not going to use an apple LOL.

    I'll just throw together a quick waterbottle bong.

    If there's absolutely NOTHING to smoke out of and there's NOTHING to make a bong out of... than i'll stoop down to making a tinfoil pipe... If there's no tin foil than I have to default to the classic soda can LOL.

  9. tinfoil pipe aint safe bro

  10. Obviously.
    I said that if there's NOTHING ELSE to smoke out of then I have to resort to using tin foil.

    Hypothetically speaking of course, considering I have plenty of glass pieces...
  11. i buy papers
  12. Unconventional?

    Well if I'm feeling crazyyyy I'll use a bong... Maybe even a pipe... Or papers if I'm just wild.
  13. [quote name='"APX"']Unconventional?

    Well if I'm feeling crazyyyy I'll use a bong... Maybe even a pipe... Or papers if I'm just wild.[/quote]

    Calm down you're out of control
  14. thats just crazy
  15. Apples are amazing to make makeshift pipes with. Especially if u live in Washington therr super fresh and we got varieties, and u can make a carb o. It..tastes good, if u think it doesent. U got some bobby brown bowls
  16. I used to have a street cone bong. Shit was legit
  17. i once used a 10 gallon water jug, tin foil, and a bath tub at my buddy's house to make the most rugged Gbong ever!
  18. Used a film canister, 20oz plastic top, foil and an empty pen to make a pipe when I was young

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