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Uncontrollable tiredness when high, almost narcoleptic

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by the_tree, May 27, 2009.

  1. We all know what being burnt out is like when you're coming down, but my younger brother takes it to the next level. Every time he smokes which is a couple times per day, no matter what kind of bud it is he gets grumpy, groggy, and sleepy and always lays down. He will lay there with his eyes closed and mutters random nonsense. He acts like when you wake someone up in the middle of the night, annoyed, confused, and tired. I don't know why he likes to smoke so much but he loves to do it.

    He is 18, and has been monthly drug tested by my parents for a couple years. What he has been doing is smoking for about a week after every drug text and cleaned out the rest of the month. When he was in his "clean" periods he was the complete opposite, energetic and never laying around. Now since he is 18, my parents have stopped. Has anybody else known someone like this and would you consider this abnormal?
  2. Here's a picture of him, passed out...from just weed.

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  3. AHAHAH i would have said its probably just certain weed. but u already covered that. i think it could be because he smokes too much, weed does make u tired. just tell him its time for a t-break
  4. it happens man

  5. It's at least 10 times worse than anyone I have ever smoked with. I wake n' baked with him today and he ate and passed out for 2 or 3 hours. Everyone we smoke with gets on him for it.
  6. Lol, I knew a guy just like that. When we would meetup for a smoke session I would tell him he better not pass out in like 30 mins, and he would say he wasn't going to. Then 30 mins later he would be passed out on the couch while I played video games. Some people just react that way to weed I think. It might also be mental because my friend was going through a pretty bad depression back then and I didn't even know. He doesn't pass out like that when I've smoked with him lately.

  7. Haha, exact same thing.
  8. #8 the_tree, May 27, 2009
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    He's passed out on me numerous times in the middle of playing video games.

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  9. Sorry, but this made me laugh out loud.
  10. depression could increase the chances of passing out as well as boredom
  11. It's funny at first, but gets old quick.

  12. that made me go "pfft"
  13. I would probably say that to this thread, if I was anyone else. Everyone gets a good kick out of messing with him, and it really is funny sometimes. He gets really excited and pumped up to smoke when he's sober and once he's high he's lethargic. Living with him and sharing a room at the moment is why it's so bad. It gets old.
  14. id try to keep him entertained, im the same way when im bored, im about to smoke a bowl or two so i can go to sleep, otherwise im never getting to bed, ive been tired too when im high but cant sleep when im not, sometimes though not all the time
    edit: the immature thing to do is presistantly draw on his face everytime he sleeps high, eventually he will learn
  15. Hahaha, dose him with caffeine!

  16. That looks like more than just getting tired from weed.
    Its definately some kind of adverse reaction. Have you asked him about it? Does he even realise hes passing out so much?
  17. Haha damn dude...this does happen from time to time but like Lebowski said maybe it's an adverse reaction.

    I think he's either smoking shitty weed (the comedown from bammer can be really harsh), or smoking too damn much. Either that or smoking too much indica...get some sativa nugs and see if he passes out then.

    Myself, I never pass out from just toking real hard. Smoking AND drinking though...that'll have me out cold if I don't do it right.
  18. I used to smoke like this over the summer when I had the time. Lots of indicas, used to just nod like I was on oxy or somethin. This summer I'm changin it up, going for sativa dominant as much as I can, with indicas every now and then for some aid sleeping. But I'll also have pharms too.

  19. Lol fuck that shit.

    MDMA :D
  20. I defy anyone to sleep within 30 minutes after smoking a nice strong silver haze, or similar. Indicas make me feel like that propaganda commercial where the chick melts into the couch, but sativas are great when you head out to a party or just want an uplifting smoke.

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