uncontrollable laughter by yourself?

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. I was just wondering if any other of you straightjacketwearingloopyheads laughed at themselves..like when you post something, and you laugh at it and the things going through your head...or when your talking online and you type some real good stuff...like I dunno why! but im laughing right now! and not necessarily about this but when I said "real good stuff" I sit here and giggle at the computer screen! its funny but I dont want to go back to that place with the bars on the windows...you know what I had to do to get out of there? *giggle giggle*
  2. You're not the only one. I'ts a sign of good quality smoke, hopefully.

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  3. I laugh at my avatar every time I see it. It's not that funny, he just tells good jokes. I'm gonna go watch Daria now.
  4. Yeah i've giggled at your avatar a couple times myself, krazihare. what is it
  5. i laugh by/at myself on a daily basis, and not only when i'm stoned. sometimes I do stupid shit that only I saw. sometimes it's a joke mail, or something else online. always when i'm here. and of course, the all powerful TV. who doesn't laugh?
  6. Sometimes I find everything and anything to be funny and I get the giggles from hell. But I don't want to wear my straight jacket anymore.........bondage is fun but the straight jacket is a little too kinky for me. LOL. "They're coming to take me away.........hehe........they're coming to take me away. The little white men in the little white jackets are coming to take me away". LOL!!!!!!!!
  7. it's a photoshopped version of this little pink rabbit thing I saw in a Gorrilaz album. I believe you can find it at http://fans.gorillaz.com/
    it's a decent site, Gorillaz is a pretty decent band for that matter, it's comprised of David Albarn from Blur, Del tha funkey homosapian, Dan the Automator, and Miho Hatori from Cibo Matto. If you even have any idea who these people are chances are you'll like Gorillaz.
  8. i've seen that dollar bill before like it has actually been in my hands thats crazy

    and uh i used to do that a lot when i'd walk home from my bro's house late at night when i'd be comin from getting blazed, i say again BLAZED but that was due to my thoughts at the time
  9. i just thought Id bring this up again caus eIve been having problems and I like to address them WOW which is funny cause I usually suppress everything until my lil heart in content, one minute before it friggen explodes all over the shirt that my ex..wait, wait....
    after rethinking the situation, Ive rethought it again, and I just remembered that seriously I think I have a laughing problem....maybe, I think, it has something to do with 1) being alone (but loving it) 2) talking to myself a considerable amount & 3) my ego. I just cant get over the fact, in fact, I even talk about this to myself, about how I have all these factors, factoring in to make it a fact that I do actually uncontrollably laugh at myself.
  10. i laff at you too
  11. hahah, yeah I've heard Gorillaz. They had a pretty big hit for a while I believe.
  12. i have the worst gramer in the world
  13. I laugh at me and you and Norm and my hands (only when there funny ;) ) I always laugh at me when i'm high and I look in the mirror, because I always have this stupid everyone and there grandma can ell i'm high lok on my face.

    hehe I just l;ooked at me in the monitor hehe
  14. lol most of posts start out from me laughing. sometimes i do laugh and shit..othertimes i just smile and chill.

  15. LOL.

    ..only when there funny. your hands. lol, Ive had those kinda nights ;) HEY grandma!! check out my hands!!! hahahaha.
  16. I'm glad somebody understands ;)
  17. sometimes when im cracked out, ill jus start postin things and jus cracking up, like when i post pictures or dumb stories like this.
    NEW YORK (AP) -- A troubled 13-year-old Brooklyn boy found beaten to death and stuffed in a closet earlier this week was killed in a dispute over a dollar, police said.

    Investigators believe that shortly before the killing, Lucas and Bhola went to a bodega together to buy a "loosey," slang for cigarettes sold individually, authorities say. Lucas put a dollar coin down on the counter, but it was snatched away.

    When Lucas asked what had happened to it, the store clerk accused the boy of taking it, police said.

    There was no confrontation at the store, and the two returned to the flophouse, where they were joined by Jones, to smoke marijuana, said a police official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

    A short time later, Lucas and Jones accused Bhola of stealing the dollar coin, tied him up and then took turns beating him with a baseball bat, police said. They later confessed to fatally beating the youngster, police said.

    more can be seen at cnn.com (this link)
    yep, im cracking up rite now
  18. When you laugh instead of frown upon what our world has come when you read something like that I think there is a serious lack of compassion in your life. Or you've just smoked too much crack.

  19. lol...well, I think Im there.

    Id flatter you with some kind of flattery? right about now..but my best line I cant use of yea. come to think of it, I cant use on anyone, execpt my friends that know I can never get with! ha! hahhaha! ha! ha? ha. yeah. hahahahahah!

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