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Uncontrolable twitching

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrmuffinman, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Firstly, i have a really low tolerence and get comfortably high from like a .1 bowl. Last night i smoked .2 and i went and layed down on my bed. For at least 20 minutes my whole body was twitching and i couldnt control it. I was wondering if this is normal. It became more intense if i didnt move for a bit also
  2. I get "fidgety" sometimes.

  3. Not fidgety, i mean i feel like im a slug getting hit with salt and im buggin out
  4. You a super lightweight. I wish .2 can get me high
  5. I remember the good ol' days... I used to twitch so hard and get to like a 10 from a few small hoots. As time goes on your twitching will stop and your tolerancy will get higher.
  6. when my tolerance was pretty low i got the twitches too, after a while you wont get them
  7. No matter what, when I light the first joint of the day I always end up sneezing and my face kind of twitches then its fine
  8. Hehe, I wondered if other people around here could get blazed off of .2 like me. Lightweight high five! :hello:
  9. The first time I smoked it was out of a grav bong and I just remember being asked if I had turetts because I was twitching uncontrollably so much.
  10. twitch is a funny word. But on topic, yeah twitching happens. at least with me in the beginning when i was new to smoking.
  11. Totally normal. I get twitches all the time, and I love it. Got em right now :smoking:

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