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  1. So we hear a lot of talk about the consciousness, that it's uplifting.

    But what of the unconscious?

    If we raise up our unconsciousness, does that mean we become animalistic?

    Is that a bad thing?

    What if to raise our consciousness, we decided to lower it for the time being, just to raise it back up later when we can finally be at ease. Think of the wars life throws at us, do we really want to get relaxed during warfare? Or should we really be thinking about beating the shit out of our oppressions, and then aspire to greatness afterward?

  2. What if you raise your consciousness and become animalistic with reality? Is that a bad thing.
    I guess were all animals so we shouldnt judge each other. Some of the animals have a good natured temperture and some have a hot mean temperture.
  3. we are already animalistic, we are unconscious, we need to work on becoming more conscious of ourselves and others
  4. I think we are supposed to 'merge' the unconscious and the conscious, as if they are two 'separate' realms or personas, each of which would like their wants/needs to be met in each other.
  5. What the fk are you talking about?
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    Are you talking about subconscious? The words are interchangeable but it confuses people.
  7. And why bring up warfare, how about keep it simple and you describe what consciousness means to you, rather than what unconsciousness maybe but isnt.

  8. unconscious (subconscious) or unknown conscious?

    All is consciousness, but not all is accessible consciously.
  9. Wouldn't the "unconscious" simply be actions we perform without awareness that cause harm? For example, all things that harm us would be done by the "unconscious" because we would not purposely do anything that harms us. Obviously some harm themselves and others consciously, I am not speaking about that.

    This is not to say that the unconscious is the same "motor reflex" activities done without awareness. These things were made automatic by conscious awareness at the beginning.

    So, if we take this further we could say that the more the world as a whole RAISES their consciousness, the greater PEACE that would occur - because those who desire harmony only cause harm unconsciously.
  10. We could say that, and it would be a good thing to say, because it makes a lot of sense.

    By raising our state of consciousness, what was previously hidden becomes visible, so there is less that happens that we aren't aware of. Once our vibration passes a certain point, the very idea of doing something that causes harm no longer appears, and we become less likely to do things that result in disharmony. Or have I just said the same thing you did?
  11. Unconscious as a synonym for subconscious. Never used to say 'unconscious,' used subconscious instead, but reading Jung gave me the habit, since that's his term of choice.
  12. I always thought subconscious was just a different word to describe the same thing as unconscious. I prefer using unconscious though, but subconscious would probably be best to describe this op.
  13. You're not getting the context, reread bud.
  14. Fair enough, later tonight when I have sum quality time.
  15. See, if the whole world aspired to raise consciousness, that'd be a great thing, but thinking realistically. You would have to fight off your demons before raising your own consciousness. Which, is lowering your conscious to become able to make war against those demons. Quoting the art of war, "All warfare is based on deception."
  16. That's an interesting way of looking at it - lowering your consciousness in order to make war against your demons.

    Makes me think how most people believe that in order to work on the subconscious they have to go down into it to do so. Thinking this way will lower your vibration as you descend into the murky depths. But you're not meant to see it this way, you need to raise your vibration and go up into the subconscious instead. There you can find your demons lurking, but be in the right state of mind to deal with them.

    If you needed to lower your state of being in order to actually deal with them, to the frequency that allowed them to exist in the first place, they would once again seem necessary, and there'd be nothing there to deal with.
  17. Thought about it. "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity"
  18. Yea man, thanks for sorting that out, truly appreciated...
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    Some cognitive psychology theories use subconscius as a sort of middle between un- and conscioussness. They represent it as unconsciouss drives turning into subconciouss thoughts.

    Some also use the term Preconscious to mean a subconcious thought that may become a conscious thought given the correct stimuli.

    Also in regards to OP. I read a book on the psychological effects of shooting someone in combat. The most common response is to puke afterwards from all the adrenaline. However, guys that have gone through combat or SWAT training don't as much. The reason being that the intense trainings and simulations of firefights activates your primitive brain parts (IE: the brain stem, and cerebellum (the lobe on the lower back of brain) which I believe are the source of most unconscious drives. Practicing keeping the rest of your body and brain calm while these parts are heavily activated dude to the frightening/threatening stimuli is what gives trained soldiers an edge.

    This edge would obviously increase after seeing real combat. This is not to say though that all soldiers who have seen combat are perfect efficient calm killing machines. PTSD is essentially the unconscious adrenaline drive parts of your brain overriding the frontal thinking portion of your brain.

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