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  1. This is kinda complicated, but I have two baby plants. I cant water or fertilize or care for them at all, they live outside. So, questions:

    1. Since they live side by side, should I destroy a male plant? Or keep it alive? Or use it (weed is literally impossible for me to get unless its from these)

    2. I may need to leave them for a few weeks, if they are not budding can I start drying?

    3. Can I smoke the leaves it I can feel stuff on them, like really weak THC tricomes? (If there is ZERO THC then could it at least be for cannabiniods?)

    I know there is stuff I should do for them, but the situation is complicated and I cant do much in terms of caring for them.
  2. 1: It seems to me it would be in your benefit to leave the males to get seeds for the future. But you can colect pollen and only pollinate certain bud sites and not your whole crop, that's what you wanna do.
    2: Why would you start drying if they're not budding? You dry the buds after you harvest.
    3: Leaves don't have enough of anything to be worth smoking, but can make good hash.
    And don't expect much if you can't care for them. If they're going to be alone for weeks I don't even know if I would expect them to live depending on conditions.
  3. If u can't do much for them don't expect them to do anything for u either.

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  4. Imagine if the OP was talking about a child. Lol. Sorry you have a hard time scoring herbs man, but like Chep42 said.
  5. Without water they're toast! She's demanding as all get out but in the end, the love you make is the love you take and that goes the same for the ladies. And in this case, the gent :smoke:
    Since you have such a hard time getting bud I'd do like Cannabis Connoisseur said and go for the seeds. Skip the trip, stay home and water!  Save the male and get him to flower and polinate the lady. That's what he's good for. Not for smoking. And if you can try to find some of the stuff they use to make female only seeds, Silver thiosulfate. I got that from Ed Rosenthal's book. But google it cause I'm not familiar at all with it.
    One thing I will say, a plant dried and smoked is gone...in a few puffs....or you could get many, many little POTential plants that could sprout from this one batch you've got right now and be grown and smoked for...years? It's the old "Golden Goose" theory, and how I've run my business, and still do, for the last 42 years. You never eat the goose!! You baby her...you eat the eggs...good luck

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