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Discussion in 'General' started by Doparius, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. Heh, wat up yall,its been awhile since i posted but now i got the time,and a thought occured to me! Ihave done sum odd and different substances,and i was wonder what else odd drugs do us fellow blades do? rather once in awhile or maybe more what other uncommon drugs do yall do? Me i have done DXM a couple of times,Huffed Reagent Grade Ether,and also some home made xanax's that i got from an ex roomate as a start.
    What about yall?
  2. DXM,and gulped an entire bottle of nyquil,stuff knocked me out cold
  3. none of those drugs are too common. id say id like to try dmt, several of the 2c- drugs, and some mescaline.
  4. robitussin, benadryl, dramamine, morning glory seeds, soma, sudafed, jus basically alot of pills.
  5. un common.... several research chemicals...foxy, 2c-i , and 2c-b... very odd to say the least...

    dmt... crazy stuff, if you want to trip intensly but for a limited amount of time, this is the way to go...

    a few of them aren't illegal either...

    always use your head before ingesting any substance though and know to have good suroundings and also alot of respect for what your consuming.....:)
  6. What's foxy?

    I would be interested in dmt but it's VERY uncommon, i've never seen it around my area, never.
  7. Foxy is 5-MeO-DMT. Just like DMT, but different..... somehow.... :)
    I'm gonna order some from a chemical supplier online in a couple of days and smoke some in a bowl at a friend's house.
  8. shit when i was 9 we used to sit ny the streem and huff gas untill it was time to go home!!!

    talk about halutionations!!!

    never had better....

    but its been alot of yrs sence ive done it

    also ...niacin

    you can buy it with the vitamins...if you take alot of it it will feel like your ears are melting ...slowly

    also freon...but dont try that one...not so nice,,and it can kill you by fressing your lungs(found out too late about that one)

    oh yeah ...how about makeing your selves pass out by hyperventalteing and then holding your breath and haveing someone hold you tight arround the chest ...or neck....

    affter doing that a few times in a row you will be feeling something!

    oh yeah

    one of the best natural ways to get fucked up without putting anything in your body

    sleep depravation...affter a cupple days you will halutionate like mad

    and if you make it a cupple days latter you arnt even on this planet anymore.....

    7 days was my trecord....7 days awake and sober...no drug intake what so ever! talk about being out there!!!

    oh yeah and the one i never got to try was the sensory deprevation tank...anybody know about these?

    so of corse ive done lots of regular shit asid to zanx.....about the only thing to leave out is crak and smak....alto i have done lots of things related to bouth..
  9. How do you make home made xanax ?
    or diazepam or all that other crap ?
  10. What exactly is tampazien?
  11. im gonna try that not sleeping thing, ive been up for like 38 hours so far and going strong
  12. Theres a program on channel 4 in the uk now called Shattered in which the contestants have to try and stay up for a week straight, it's interesting enough to see whats going on, some are starting to have hallunciations now.
  13. still...
    how do you make these home-made drugs ?

  14. like what?

  15. the worst side affect is moodieness...the longer the body goes without sleep ...the more prone one becomes to mood swings......so manic depresives...whach out for this one!!!!!

    good luck tho ....
  16. i think im gonna sleep tonight, its screwing with my school stuff. my brain seems to be lagging a little. Ill try it for longer when i have a week with nothing to do
  17. any type of phycodelic or mind altering expedition

    should be under taken durring a period

    when one has apsolutely no obligations.....
  18. like xanax for example...
    or anything...
  19. This is a site based on marijuana man... not homeade drugs... if you do choose to talk about something like " making homade drugs" or things like it... please try to do it through pm....

    we really don't want this wonderfull place to get a negative image.....

    I also suggest that... if you do decide to do anything like what your talking about.... go to www.erowid.org an check it out first if you can..... better to read up an be safe then sorry....:)

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