uncomfortably numb

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. so yea, i've definitely lost all ability to feel anything now... gonna try total sobriety for a minute n see how that works... although i guess bein totally numb isnt all that bad
  2. WOW bro never thought I'd see that phrase coming from your mouth, good luck man.
  3. maybe, but imean i dont even feel love, although i'd really like to feel it. yall have heard me talk about crystal (my ex that i'm in love with)

    well i seen her yesterday, just for a little while, and i felt nothing toward her, no attraction or love or desire or even lust.. i dont understand, i was so excited a few days ago when she told me i was welcome at her dorm anytime, so how am i out of love with her already out of nowhere

    it could be the fact that she told me that the night before she had hungout with a kid i know named dan

    he's the biggest cokehead i know, and this girl hungout with him, but wouldnt talk to me for soo long because i did so many other drugs but mellowed it down to mostly weed to try to get her back

    or it could be that she's all about getting drunk now, which is way worse than the good herb

    oh well, look on the bright side, if theres a hell, it cant possibly be full of physical pain, seeing as your soul wont have a nervous system, so it msut be an eternity of emotional pain and suffering, and since i cant feel emotional pain and suffering.. me and satan will be tight, maybe start an army or some shit, take over heaven and earth and make hte world perfect like lucifer once wanted to do before he was cast out of heaven for wanting to take over and make it perfect
  4. What happened to the old sig? :p
  5. they deleted it cuz it was too big i guess, even though it was there forever so i never knew it was too big

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