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Discussion in 'General' started by Deer Dance, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Hey so I've been smoking for a while and these last two years I've smoked the most out of my smoking life. But after almost getting kicked out of my house for it by my family I just can't enjoy it alone like I used to. Negative feelings well up inside of me everytime I get stoned alone.

    Anyone have some helpful advice for me maybe?
  2. I don't know, I smoke alone mostly, because I get annoyed by other people...
    Just get into it I guess... Negative feelings... Go to a therapist :p
  3. Maybe you feel guilty about smoking, which is silly
  4. Every time you smoke you could just match up with other people.
  5. If smoking is illegal where you live, maybe you just feel paranoid in your new place. Home might have had a really safe vibe to it.
  6. I like smoking alone cause I like being quiet unless there's brew involved then I don't mind smoking with other poeple ....

    But I smoke alone and just go about my day
  7. Idk maybe its because I have to hide it from my family now and my girlfriend. Idk well im gonna try and grab some today and get over it haha
  8. Do something fun while you are smoking (even alone) and you won't have time to sit there and think about how annoying family can be sometimes. e.x. I don't get crazy on my mom for drinking tea like its crack..

    I used to hate smoking alone, but the people around me became to negative, so I just started without them.. and now I am much happier doing my own thing.. its a matter of acclimatizing yourself to doing it alone. You will meet other people in the future to smoke with who won't harsh your buzz.. don't stress.
  9. And u will get over it!
  10. You should do something you really enjoy after you smoke and hopefully it'll change how you perceive it.
  11. I like smoking alone, allthough I get a lot more paranoid to make up for the missing eyes and ears lol. If I'm just inside smoking and playing ps3 or watching netflix ill have a blast.

    You could feel guilty like that one dude said, I think I used to, but I realised it was silly because the herb helps more than it hurts.
  12. Advice? Get over it? I'm sorry, but that's kind of lame when you think about it. You've psyched yourself out because of the negative connotations. Maybe you should stop smoking until you're more comfortable with it all together.
  13. Im over it now :D

    And im thinking of getting a custom
    Knife Party steamroller

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