Uncle Sams hypocrisy of democracy

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    it's so ironically ignorant the hypocrisy of democracy the federal government so chooses to ignore by leaving cannabis as a schedule one. This of course meaning dear Uncle Sam "believes" marijuana has no medical purpose. But what's funny is that in the 70's and early 80's the federal government allowed 30 patients access to 300 pre rolled joints shipped to them every month for their illness, through the University of Mississippi where they still to this day grow their cannabis. So when Bush took over he 86'd the program to prevent the many people affected by the AIDS "epidemic" at the time from turning the small, controlled program into a national headline. Those 30 patients however were grandfathered in and still would receive their tin of 300 federal joints each month as well as still allowing to smoke at any time, and ANY STATE in the USA. In short the government has already admitted and clearly stated that Cannabis most definitely does have medical purpose and can truly help people with horrible illnesses and "in some cases it is the only thing that can help", as profound MD Sanjay Gupta has even acknowledged. It's sickening how Uncle Sam will allow so many horrible pills and types of "medicine" that come with nightmarish side effects and more often than not lead to the very dark black hole of addiction. To this day there are still 4 patients Alive and well, still receiving their federal ganja and stand as a symbol of the neglection, stupidity, and lack of civic duty the federal government has just seemingly turned a blind eye to instead of truly promoting what America is supposed to stand for. It's time for Congress to wake up and smell the reefer, which is what is going to happen now that marijuana is legal in Washington D.C., the federal governments own backyard, brilliantly ironic. Congress are puppets and pawns for major billion dollar drug companies that undoubtedly pay handsomely to prevent the removal from schedule 1. They know they would possibly and most likely lose close to or at least half of their many billions from people having access to a natural plant that is practically almost in every way superior to their pills.
    However instead of building false hopes that Congress will act appropriately, The President himself actually has the power to make many dreams come true and relinquish Cannabis from the unjust schedule one stranglehold of marijuana. I think most people would agree to most of Obama's presidency thus far has had far more negative press than positive. He has even openly stated that not only has he smoked ( and yes inhaled hah) and that he thinks alcohol is more dangerous than this natural plant. Obama is on his way out and his time is quickly winding down, surely he would like to leave a positive lasting legacy of his time in office. 2015 should be the year and Obama should end this prohibition once and for all. Either way it will happen at some point. Just like with alcohol, some states ended prohibition sooner than others, but in the end....every state ended it. HOPE

  2. This isn't a democracy dude.  They call it a Republic, but really it's an oligarchy.
    And if you think that the fudgetard-dippoop-crackhead-dogeating-manpoonanny-puppet, that we call president, will legalize weed than you are severly out of touch with reality. 
    i would bet my life he doesn't legalize it because he is a stooge, and stooges are predictable.
  3. hence why I said Hypocricy. Nor am I a fan of Obama, and I'm pretty sure my point was more toward hoping, not that I was dead set on him doing that. Yea I agree with you though, he is indeed a stooge
  4. it is great to look at the positives in the cannabis plant and think that with heart guided policies we would exploit the good in the plant and avail it's goodness to all, but look at every other plant in the world and how many of those are being given/ offered or even recognized by our established system??  they are recognized but in the smallest of back offices where they are then emulated into synthetic form and distributed/sold as such to living beings ( humans) and profited highly on. the humans have no clue that the fancy bleach meds offered are derived from the constituent parts of living plants and all the various compounds therein. if more humans knew it they would choose the route of self administration and finding/knowing what works individually as per person and not so much collectively as per doctors orders given out amongst all and limited to synthetic patented versions only.

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