uncle god

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  1. so i was just pondering.......what was this god fella doin before you up and made life?
  2. What everyone does before they are forced to start a family and such..................womanizing and partying of course.
  3. wait....who did god marry? and what did he womanise?
  4. well, the details are fuzzy. He didnt get married. He just knocked himself up, gave birth to the universe as we know it, and then realized the responsibility of taking care of us all was too daunting so he threw our universe in the bottom of his closet next to his size 13 nike's and he's back to womanizing. Deadbeat....
  5. so does that mean shaq is god or somethin? not cool
  6. If god created the world, who the fuck created God ?
  7. Until man ceases to govern society, god will always be a he.
  8. no need to avert your eyes. you ARE worthy.
  9. hahaha, southpark is the shit!

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