Uncle gave me an amazing and HUGE piece-

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  1. :smoke:My uncle just gave me this pipe. He's had it for 25 years! I was amazed. He also included a Chameleon brand baggie for it, and 4 $70 seeds! All as a gift. And he never even named the bad ass spoon, I name it Ginormica if it was a girl & Dry Ice if it was a boy, I think I like Dry Ice , because it's a dry peice, but it hits so smooth... But I wanted to see what other names you guys think I should name it. :)

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  2. dayum man awesome grab:cool:

    don't name pipes
  3. That's awesome! Congrats man.

    Dry Ice sounds pretty good to me if that's what came to your mind
  4. Bumpp it uppp
  5. take it from your uncle, he owned the piece for 25 years with no name.
    naming a piece is pointless & childish.
    nice bowl though, your uncle has some taste.
  6. Name it whatever you want. Don't listen to these people, naming your piece is like a ninja naming his sword he has a sacred bond with it as you should with your piece.

    I felt like :hippie: the whole time typing that. Cause I just faced a 1.5g blunt
  7. your uncle sounds awesome

    mine was a sibling murdering, land grabbing, and now dead uncle
  8. Yeah pretty awesome. He wont sell to me , but if I give him money he will smoke me out with however much I gave him in money=weed
  9. Awesome gift man I wish I had an Uncle that smoked lol
  10. Ive smoked with : Mom,Aunt,Uncle,older cousin,and another older cousin. lol I guess I am just lucky.
  11. smoked with cousins, big bro, big sister smokes regularly

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