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uncle cottons!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Nov 15, 2002.

  1. cottons is an uncle, cottons is an uncle

    ::does happy dance::

    there's some confusion about the name ('cause i was at work when it all happened, so i didn't get to go to the hospital yet). it's either kayla elizabeth margaret zemartis, or just kayla elizabeth zemartis... she was born at 2:38pm (EST) on 11/15/02.

    definately time to celebrate!

    *smokes bowl*
  2. congrats! uncle cottons!
  3. thank you. i'm gonna stop by church real quick and then go to the hospital.

    i'll bring some biskits home with me :)
  4. Congrats on the new arrival in your family!!!!!!!! I bet she will definitely be spoiled!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Congrads uncle cottons. Thats a wonderfull feeling isn't it?

    I getting ready to take my mom out to supper for her b_day today..
  6. heh, heh,^^^^^^^ her b_day looks like herb day.

    why isn't there one of those?
  7. WOO HOO!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

    ::::::::happy dancing:::::::::

    That rocks, Uncle Cottons!!!!!! I love the name...well, both of them.....whichever it is will be great! You are going to be an awesomundo Uncle, no doubt! I'm going to go smoke SO much weed in her honor that I'm gonna be completely fuckerdoodled!!!!

    ::::::::::still doing the happy dance::::::::::

    Happy Birthday to Bud Heads mother today, too!!!!!
  8. Yeah! I love it :D

    We use other people's happiness as an excuse to get stoned :D

    Rock on, like I need an excuse *tokes*
  9. thanks for all the kind words. it's such an awesome feeling.

    her name is kaylah elizabeth, she weighed 6lbs 4oz, and she's 19" long... she was born 2:23 instead of 2:38 like i originally was told... i'll have some pics probably either today or tomorrow.

    by the way... tell your mom i said happy belated birthday bud head :)

    LOL rmjl... fuckerdoodled! that's so funny
  10. Belated congrats!! Babies are great!! Now you be a good uncle and spoil the crap outta her!!

  11. thank you... that baby's going to be SO spoiled :D LOL

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