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uncle cottons!... pt. 2 (pics are here!)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Nov 16, 2002.

  1. i got some pics scanned of little kaylah... here she is with her mother
  2. kaylah and my aunt...
  3. great grandma lol...
  4. the proud father...
  5. another one with mom...
  6. all three of 'em...
  7. the proud grandparents...
  8. mom and some nurses from the hospital...
  9. Good looking baby there cottons. Looks like the family is doing fine.

    I hope all is well with everone!
  10. everything is well. mom and baby came home lastnight and they're doing just fine. :)
  11. HIGH All, right on she sure is a cutie there uncle cottons. I can still remember WoodBug when he was that small seven years ago
  12. i know what ya mean unoit. i can still remember my youngest sister when she was that small nearly 12 years ago. man... time goes by fast.
  13. Congrats.........the lil one is just adorable. Its enough to melt anyone's heart!!!!!! Have fun spoiling her!!!!!!!
  14. Dude!!! What's up with the nurses faces???? They look like they been stubbin out cigs in eachother's heads!!

    Oh the humanity!!!!!!
  15. Kaylah is a beautiful baby! Congrats, Uncle Cottons! I'm glad everyone is doing good.
  16. thanks everyone :) she's so quiet. barely cries at all... ::does happy dance::
  17. Very cute cottons!! Congrads on the special delivery!! :)

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