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  1. Ok, to start off the season, I had seven of eleven plants dug up by raccoons. Now of the remaining four plants, one is looking like total crap.

    Soil PH is at 6.2. I had added epsom salts to the soil before planting. Soil mix was pro-mix for tomatoes/herbs, a little worm casings, and water crystals. I been trying to top dress with some lime to bring the PH up when I noticed problems. Maybe I overfeed it? I was using ff American pride.

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  2. pH is too high.
  3. Thanks. What ph number should I shoot for?
  4. if your SOIL pH is at 6.2 that is NOT too high...Infact, that should be perfect for a plant in early to mid veg.

    I personally would stop top-dressing with lime. It already has Mg in it so the epsom salts you also added are probably giving off excess Mg.

    WHAT THE PROBLEM appears to be as far as I can tell is nute burn. Probably excess nitrogen and Mg. Appears to be locking out a micro-nutrient at the top (zinc?) but I'm not an expert. I only say this because I've had a similar problem before which I was able to correct by flushing and getting the EC down(in sunshinemix4). BTW pro mix should have lime in it already(correct?) so adding that was unnecessary. Some people say they don't add enough, and maybe not, but I put my water in at a pH of 5.4 and it runs out at about 5.9.. causing me to conclude that my actually medium has a pH at around 6.4. This is for 4 weeks into flowering. Like I said, I'm no pro but I've been having pH problems for a while using soil-less mixes and after lots of reading, run-offs, tests and determination... I've managed to get some pretty sweet looking buds. Just finished a crop with Red Diesel, Pineapple express and Permafrost. Gonna start a grow journal for the next one.. so stay tuned. Hope you get your problems sorted out though, and hope I helped!!
  5. Thanks you! [​IMG]You brought up some great points. My tap water that I tested the soil with, is at 7.1. So the ph of the soil may actually be a little lower that 6.2. You may actually be right about nut burn. So, I may just leave the plant alone and see if can correct itself, but I'm not holding out a lot of hope as the plant is looking a lot worse.

    I also picked up some Roots Organics Formula 707, and I'm going to try some smart pots, and see if I have better success.

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  6. smarts pots are great, i just picked up some myself. let me know how things turn out when you try your new methods!
  7. wow my buddys plants did this but we thot it was do to crowding ...but at the same time he started using a britta filter to ph his water everything cleared up ...btwbritta filters ph ur water to 6.0
  8. Zero Water filters are awesome.

    0 ppm.

    I change my zero water filter when it gets to be about 20ppm

    Since I've started using a zero water filter I don't have to mess around with ph up or ph down. Life is sweet.
  9. Quick update. I moved to the smart pot route with the Root Organics soil, and the plants seem to doing much better. I still have two original plants, one Stoned Immaculate and one Easy Ryder, still in the ground. The Easy Ryder plant is an automatic and the plant has been through hell and back. The plant was eaten half to death by bugs but it still hangs on, barely.

    The rest of the plants consist of a Pineapple Express, a K-Train, and two Ak47 autos.

    Been feeding the plants with Botanicare nutes.

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  10. Collin, I'm thinking the problem had more to do with the soil than the water, after seeing the difference with the roots organic soil. The previous soil was from home depot.
  11. You growing indoors? Most of my water is coming from mother nature. Good amount of rain in the 42 latitude.:hello:
  12. Only people who say 42nd lat are in the NW :)
  13. Hi, u old fart hahaha :).

  14. Nah, buckeye country.

  15. Round at both ends and Hi in the middle.

  16. I went out to my plot today to fertilize with a combo of liquid karma and soil bloom. Sunday mornings are a great time for me to get out to my plants. It seems that everybody is still asleep, and there is little traffic on the road.

    It's been a couple of weeks since I updated on that status of using smart pots and roots organic formula 707 soil and botanicare nutes. I must say I like this method. It is lot easier not having to dig out holes, and it seems the plant are doing ok and looked a lot healthier than my earlier attempts this season.

    I think next year I will continue to try a combination of plants in the ground and in smart pots. But, I've come to the conclusion that my spot needs more sun light.

    I need a little help with my half eaten Easy Ryder auto. According to the packaging I probably should have harvested that sucker like a month ago, except that it was near dead. It looks a little better and it appears to have some budding but I'm not sure if I should keep letting it grow or if I should just harvest it?

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    I'm not sure what I'm doing with this thread. I'm too embarrassed to place this in the outdoor grow journal as I'm rapidly finding out that I suck as grower, and all I'm growing are sick plants. So I guess it makes sense that I keep this thread in the sick plant area.

    Anyway, I went out to plot today and had a shitty time. The plants still look weak, and were covered with a variety of pests. I'll post some pictures later of the pests I'm encountering. I spent some time moving my bug eaten AK47 auto next to my semi-healthy auto. I figured that moving the auto to a new neighborhood, might help it. I did a better job staking the plants, cleared some brush, and tried to open up the area to get some more sunlight in.

    I'm working away, and about an hour in, I'm feeling like shit. And quickly it builds, to the point where I feel like I need to puke my guts out, but I can't. And, I know that it's the Crohn's disease kicking in like a motherfucker, which is really unusual. Normally when I get an attack its in the evening it lasts till morning, but this time it hit in the morning, so go figure. So, I quickly pack up my shit, beat my way out of the wood to my car, hop in and tear off down the road. I'm just sitting there driving and screaming "fuck it" till I make it home. I get inside, take my blue pills of Pentasa, gulp down a quarter bottle of antacid shit, along with a bunch a water.

    So anyway, I guess this this thread is also a rant. Because I've read so many medical reports written by real doctors who find that MMJ can treat Crohns disease. Yet, we have motherfucking politicians like Lamar Smith from Texas who blocks the Ron Paul/Barney Frank marijuana bill from even coming to a vote. What piece of shit this guy is. I just say fuck the politicians, fuck Goldman Sacks and the motherfucking greedy bankers, and fuck the multinational companies who don't care if they have to suck the dick of the devil to make a profit, and constantly give blowjobs to the communist/stalinist Chinese.

    Well, that's it. Have a nice day for anyone who cares to read about my sick plants, and stay tuned for pictures of the crew who are chomping away at my plants.
  18. Not a fan of Twister Sister, but what the fuck it seems appropriate.

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    You're only thinking what half the US is thinking bro... Life's like a penis, it gets hard for no reason.

    So.. we have MJ haha.. think of what it'd be like without it, or if the plant had debilitating side effects... I try to ignore all the bad shit that happens and just smoke some herb, be it from a shady dealer or my own home-grown.. I'm glad it exists, period!

    Its a shame your plants are doing so bad... Here's what I can make-up from what I've browsed through..

    -You have outdoors plants, some autoflower, that are suffereing from many pests. You mentioned something about switching soils.

    Pests + switching soils = eggs, larvae and whatnot are in the OLD soil... I've been killing off fungus gnats and whatnot, there are other root-devil-bugs, but the larvae eat up at the plants roots, and the plant shows nute deficiencies up the ass if it gets bad enough..

    You could have had bug-contaminated soils and pre-ferted at that..
    Thats just my 2 cents.

    Heres a picture for you of my most stressed indoor plant.. I watered it with Gatorade, Dr. Pepper and dirty bird water. I gave it PURE undiluted fertalizer... its in a drainage dish, with about 1.5 inches of miracle grow non-organic soil.. and thats a dead male right next to it.

    The plant is a female too! So have hope.. because people on this forum are all about "you're PH is too high/low, you're over/under ferting it, you're blah blah" Does marijuana actually care about any of that? It does if you want those huge yields, but jesus.. its a weed, I have total faith in your plants man! I think that the only thing that can kill it are bugs, and if you can get that under control, then you're gold!

    P.S. my friend said it looked hungry so he put the rest of his hot-dog bread right next to it so it could have some food.. lmao

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  20. Well I sprayed my plants again today with Sevin, which is probably not the best thing, but these dam pests are tenacious. I tried Neem oil but it didn't stop the bastards, but then again the Sevin is having little effect either.

    In the first pic it looks like slugs, which I subsequently squished to death:eek:

    The second pic it looks like some type of mini grasshopper?

    I also had some kind of pest that almost looked like leaf and every time I moved it moved so I could never take a picture of it. It seemed like it was a smart little fucker who could really see well.

    Damn you see some weird shit in the forest. I saw this thing that was black and it looked like a big lint ball, but it was alive, WTF. :confused:

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