Uncharted 2

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  1. who else pre ordered it from gamespot and got the multiplayer beta code?

    it starts tomorrow :hello:
  2. i enjoyed the first one but probably just going to rent the second
  3. This is the Drake's Fortune right?


    Gotta get it....
  4. this one is gonna be alot better
  5. yeah I know, im not doubting you or anything but Im not gonna dish out 60 bucks.
  6. Bout to try it out. looks amazing
  7. one of the best games I ever played
  8. I rented it today, I am enjoying it so far:smoke:
  9. I played the Beta high and IM LOVIN IT :smoke:
  10. I just finished the story mode the other night. It was a lot more exciting and epic compared to the first one. Quite possibly my favorite game for the ps3 this year in terms of the single player section.
  11. i beat the game and it is pretty solid.............. defntly more epic than the first game, although i feel like it should be longer, but the online play is pretty sick and that should keep the replayability value for this game High!

    overall= solid ps3 game, best i have played this year so far
  12. I LOVED the first one and the second one seems to have fixed all major problems in the first, such as better and smoother animations ( walking running jumping climbing ect ) and easier to read terrain ( in the first one I had trouble jumping to places that looked climbable but actually lead to my death ).

    All ps3 owners should rent both of them, you will not regret it.
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    It's pretty cool. It looks great and is pretty hard especially on the hardest level, i can't remember what it's called.I haven't really gotten into multiplayer mainly because i never get on my PS3. And now i have Fifa 10 on 360 and I'm doubling up on CoD4(360) to keep me frosty for MW2.
  14. add me so we can play online:
    just say you're from GC:smoking:

  15. Beta... Um, I'm sure that you're 3 months late.

    There was a beta in June and I played it. I love the multiplayer, much better then gears.

    If I have ps3, I would definitively pick this up.
  16. the online deathmatch is looking pretty sweet, beats the hell out of confrontation as far as 3rd person shooters go IMO.
    really good graphics for a TPS, when I get a new ps3 ill be getting this for online.

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