Uncertainty Principle

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  1. So I think I understand this finally... So you can only measure either the speed or the position of a single particle at once. This is called the uncertainty principle. I think this is because when you want to see the EXACT position of an object, you only want one single possible frame of time. The shortest possible frame of reference is shooting just a single flash of light off an object to see it. Since it's only ONE single frame, you can either tell the position, but you can't tell the speed because it's like a picture... how are you going to tell how fast something is going in a still frame picture?
  2. Heisenberg was driving his car. He was going a bit over the speed limit and a policeman pulled him over. He said, "Mr. Heisenberg, where are you coming from that you need to leave so quickly?" He replied, "I have no way of knowing."

    ...get it?

    That was some lame physics joke a teacher told me once. I don't remember if thats actually how it went. I just thought you would be happy if someone replied to this thread.

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