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  1. Anyone attend this university on the city? I'm very interested in attending either there or Appalachian State. Could anyone who attends there give me some general info on how it is? Hows the bud? That sort of thing. Thanks alot, keep toking. :smoke:
  2. man the bud around UNCC is primo. I dont bother with strain names because its usually hyped up bullshit, buts its some nice homegrown to say the least i have friends on campus that get me hook ups. But i have gotten ahold of some true creepers. like smoke 2-3 bowls wait 10-15 minutes then your fucking retarded for hours. Its been a few weeks since ive bought bud from campus kids but its a pretty constant supply usually goes for 20 a gram for the high shit, and 3.5g for $20 of some nice mids
  3. Wordddd, I live in Concord which is about 20 or so minutes away. I think most of the bud I end up coming across initially comes from the UNCC area.
  4. Nice, i live on the otherside of salisbury in Lexington. Most of ours comes from there or the winston/highpoint area. We're sorta slammed in the middle of everyone but most people dont like the drive. Personally ill drive where ever to score some bud lol as long as its some good shit
  5. im on the south side of charlotte and i get dankness for 225 an O. and thats what a couple of my friends get that go to uncc. its pretty much the same
  6. iv ben to kick ass UNC Keggers , but never atended the school . if you go look for the partys lol :hello:.

  7. should hit me up
    im in charlotte, matthews

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