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UNC chapel hill

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by neal33, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. I posted a thread about this in rec last night but it got deleated. Hopefully this is the right place. Sorry if I'm wrong again, haha. But I'm heading up to UNC chapel hill tonight and I was just wondering what the bud situation is up there? I'm not looking for a hookup on here just want to know how lax things are up there and how hard it's gonna be to find it.
  2. Just go to the headshops on franklin street and ask around.
  3. thanks I'll try that.
    Please tell me weed is not a big priority to the cops up here.

  4. That is a terrible idea...

    You can't go into a headshop and ask where the bud is...

    Can you not just take some with you?

  5. Just go talk to one of the 20k students. You'll find a ridiculous amount of tokers if you just break the ice and they can help you out i'm sure. If you can't find anyone check out Aladdin's on Franklin St. and smoke some shisha.
  6. I mean dont ask random people but people who look like stoners. But yea in chapel hill theres not much crime and I think the cops take it serious. Just dont be sketchy and youll be straight.
  7. so I tried talking to the dude in one of the headshops. he really didn't give a shit about asking him, but he wasn't gonna give me any. Guess I'll just ask random ass students!

  8. I was riding up with some friends and they didn't want to drive 7-8 hours with bud.
  9. Franklin and hillsborough street are good areas just ask around to non sketchy people, or to people at the college, i live about 20 minutes from there.

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