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UNC Chapel Hill - 3 Strains

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Tenninethousand, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. #1 Tenninethousand, Oct 2, 2010
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    I have been at UNC for a month or so now and here is the best I have been able to consume so far. All were 60 1/8th.

    First four pictures are Sour Diesel - from Oakland actually.
    Next two are grapefruit kush.
    Last is some unknown skunk.

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  2. Hey, you were supposed to buy books with that money!
  3. Heheheh.

  4. It's funny because it's true! :hello:
  5. Oh well! Weed, beer, and Adderall is all I purchase lately! Oh and pizza.

  6. That's all a college student needs! Maybe swap the Adderall for Dexedrine though, that dankity should be mixed with a cleaner amphetamine, so you can be doin this all night long: :hello:
  7. if you dont mind me asking, how do you get away with smoking on campus?
  8. by not getting caught? i would assume imo you can smoke weed anywher anytime aslong as your not a complete fucking idiot about it.
  9. This.
  10. huh.....?
  11. its just that i heard smoking in your dorm is pretty sketchy
  12. thats some nice lookin bud
  13. it is depending on ras and all the bullshit. normally window fan on high, separate fan blowing the smoke to the window fan and towel under the door, and a little fabreze after works for me. however this is not the case for all situations so as always I recommend vaporizers.

    Oh and yeah OP you got that danky danky. that sour looks yummy!
  14. yo i honestly just picked some bud that look exactly like that today, i go to Va tech
  15. #15 I am your BuD-E, Oct 3, 2010
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    When i was in college to get people to stop smoking in the dorm room they put srinklers in the rooms and told everyone how sensitive they were..LOL im the dumbass after the meeting to go to the room and hold a lighter up to it.. 3 minutes of holing a flame to it and it didnt do since i knew my room wouldnt go off unless a nuke went off in my room. IT became the chill spot..and this is how we did it. we had two window blowing in and one blowing out, door closed with a moist towel..get a towel damp stick it in the microwave so its like a moist heat and put itdown on the floor under the door. 2 sticks of incense one near the door and the other in front of the fan on exhaust so noone can smell wahts coming out of the room. the key is to also have dim lights or black that someone from the outside couldnt make out where anything is coming from...OH and DOnt be an idiot... smoke and jsut go about your business dont act like your sober if your not. the biggest way somepeople get caught is over compensating. just be your self.. and find out if your RA smokes..mine was my dealer lol

    + rep for the dankity dank

  16. Use a Vaporizer.
  17. Haha, as for how I get away with smoking on campus..

    First, I smoke with my RA on the regular. He's in a frat right across from my dorm and we blaze there. Also, I have a buddy on the floor above me with a vape. We smoke out my car sometime as well. It's fairly easy to do!
  18. New pics coming later tonight ;)
  19. How much did you pay?
  20. This is all you need to know to smoke on campus, sorry if that wasnt clear before.

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