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Unbreakable pipes and pyrex.

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by cocowheats, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. So im sick of breaking glass....it ruins the day, costs lots of money, and well just plainly sucks. That said, I have also broken more glass this year already than I ever have and am now in search of an "unbreakable" simple (or not) spoon.

    Now my first thought is pyrex! But people are telling me that most pipes are already pyrex. I can but cant believe that as ive broke many name brand peices very simply but have witnessed the "unbreakable pyrex" bowl test in a local shop that no longer exists. They were pinkish clear spoons of various sizes that they would literally drop on concrete all day and the same demo bowl always just bounced!!! Thats what I want but who makes truly ubbreakable bowls? Ive seen weedstar demo throwong their bongs but are their bowls that strong?

    Any suggestions aside from "dont drop your shit" are apreciated.
  2. There's no such thing as a unbreakable glass pipe.

    I have seen a bouncing pipe like that to and I believe it was some kind of borosilicate glass (pyrex is a brand of boro glass).
  3. get a chillum.
    get a metal one hitter.
    get an acrylic bong.
  4. I understand no glass anything is unbreakable...but you guys got the drift. I would have thought that thwre would be some sort of "name brand" pyrex/tyrex/xylex concoction.

    Is it true that majority glass is pyrex though or of the pyrex nature?...I had always thought pyrex to be superior glass compared to anything you could commonly buy for smoking.

    I understand pyrex is a brand with a certain composition. So can I not get actual pyrex? It it more like sombodies pyrex like concoction?

    All I know is ive seen the dropable pipes...so who makes/sells reliable ones?
  5. Yes most are made of the same type of glass as old Pyrex. New Pyrex breaks really easy.
  6. i have an o9 strait shooter (glass chillum) that i accidentally left in my pocket and that thing went through the washer AND dryer the other day...I could hear it banging around inside the dryer for a good 40 minutes, i just thought it was a bic:laughing:
    anyways when i opened the dryer and started folding clothes i noticed it and it didn't have not a single crack or chip, in fact the glass was unaffected
    the only thing that happened was my healthstone screen shrunk from the dryer heat...that was weird.
    i was lucky.
  7. Incredibowl, Nuff said. You can jump all over the thing and it won't crack or break.
  8. this. the incredibowl is known for it's durability. it's the nalgene of toking tools mane
  9. Yeah man I have seen pipes get tested by hitting them against metal, concrete everything. I would say look around other local headshops, if not then a small festival if you guys have any around 420.
  10. i just bought this pipe from my local headshop the other day. its pyrex, and the guy did the same demo where he dropped it on the floor from about 5 ft. since i bought it ive dropped it a handfull o times and theres not even a scratch.

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  11. Incredibowl... Dropped mine off a second story balcony... It hit AstroTurf but still.
  12. TheGlassKiln.com will be releasing an unbreakable water pipe from a new company called Test Tubes in the coming weeks...and giving one away for free...its in production now!

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