Unbreakable Pipe.. Yah right.

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    So, I bought this pipe from my local hemp shop a long time ago, and I was told you could drop it fifty feet above cement and it will not shatter. I've broken a fair amount of pipes, and the majority of them were not mine. I know this guy named John that blows glass for them and this is a pipe he's made..they claim its a much thicker glass, have you guys ever heard about these supposed unbreakable pipes??

    Just blaze :smoke::smoke::smoke:

  2. I've seen them... there 99.9% supposedly... never had 1, there $50, lol itd be cool if they let u test it out, I'd go outside quick n chuck it as hard as I can against the ground n c what happens lol.

  3. haha that would be sick, if i slammed a bowl to the floor and it didn't break i would feel obligated to buy it lol.
  4. Re: Unbreakable Pipe.. Yah right. \t\t\t
    \t\t\t \t\t\t \t\t \t\t \t\t I've seen them... there 99.9% supposedly... never had 1, there $50, lol itd be cool if they let u test it out, I'd go outside quick n chuck it as hard as I can against the ground n c what happens lol.

    Yah cost me $60 Canadian. Yah, I've dropped it on cement and shit, but never chucked it, although I kinda want to now that you say that.. :smoke::smoke:
  5. Almost like watching the hurricane being kicked around for the first time.
  6. I have seen them. The owner of a head shop demonstrated it to me. He just chucked it on the floor and sure enough it didn't break. It was a little disconcerting seeing someone throw a nice glass pipe around like that, but its reputation held true.
  7. about 5 or 6 years ago, a couple of my friends and I went to a head shop blazed to the bone. The guy behind the counter showed us what he called an unbreakable chillum, and to prove his point he suddenly threw the pipe against a cement wall causing a loud bang that immediately killed my high. The pipe didnt break and one of my friends ended up buying it, but he ended up breaking it about a year later.

  8. i hate that they do that... ya, sure it wont break, but it really weakens the integrity of the glass so someone who buys it and drops it might break it because it has been weakened by these in-store trials.

    one time i was at a head shop buying a case and the guy working there put some shitty thin glass in a case and THREW it against a wall. the glass was unharmed, i was SO impressed! :hello::hello:

    needless to say i bought 3 of them, lol :hello::hello:
  9. I dont care if its unbreakable or not, If i see someone throwin a pipe, I most definately wont buy it.--id just buy the identical one that didnt get thrown.
  10. Haha Ya!
    I never saw it tested just seen them. Make a vid trying 2 break it! Get chopped n be creative! Eifel Tower Here I come Lmfao! :smoke:
  11. I went to my local headshop and the guy working said he had an unbreakable bubler. Of course I was high as hell and when he was demonstrating it to my friend, i really wasnt taking notice. As soon as it hit the floor I freaked the fuck out, haha. Anyway, it didnt break from 5 feet in the air. for me, thats about as high as im going to get off the ground anyway. I didnt buy it, but i would probably go back to get it if i felt the need.
  12. I've seen guys at hempfest bouncing the pipes off cinderblocks without damage, but I've also had someone break one before. A guy at this headshop said the difference is what they are fumed with to give the glass its strength. I just make sure I'm careful with my pipe, I've have it for about 5 years.
  13. Wood pipes - the original unbreakable pipe.


  14. My friend has a bowl like that. We literally try to bounce pass it sometimes.
  15. No pipe is "unbreakable." But those glass ones that are harder to break are blown precisely so the thickness is consistent throughout (for the most part) so there is no weak point for it to break. It will break if dropped on cement / marble from too high. It's really meant to be dropped on wood floors if at all.
  16. Ya, they claim its 99% unbreakable I've seen them. I wanna c a video of sum1 trying 2 break it.
  17. There are videos on youtube of these, some break and other don't.
  18. If I had one, I would carry it around all the time
    and if I got caught I would love to see some pigs try
    to break my UNBREAKABLE pipe.
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    Why do you use that term.. I know a lot abuse power but calling them that is so fucking disrespectful and it's not going to accomplish anything but more police brutality and power abuse
    EDIT: oh it was posted in 09
  20. I've been in a shop in Lansing Michigan where the sales guy took one out, and tossed it across the room coming down on hard tile flooring (not concrete). All I did was ask why it was so expensive and it looked so plain. It didn't have a mark on it.

    And the pipes are designed not to break when you drop him not to be slammed on the floor like a snap n pop lol

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