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Unbreakable Bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by FUMANCU, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. I don't mean any disrespect, but I'm willing to bet many bongs can do that.

    I've dropped mine on a hard floor and it didn't even crack. Bongs are made with really thick glass

    I would be convinced if he hit it off a table with a hammer.
  2. In terms of not breaking, you really can't ask for anything more from the joint.

    In terms of aesthetics, I think it is really lacking.
  3. thats pretty crazy but if you want a durable, indestructible bong just get a vortex man. firstly its made of the same type of material nalgenes are, and we all know how ridiculously well nalgenes hold up. and secondly it hits so smoothly, and gets you royally fucked. http://youtube.com/watch?v=TSd-W7DiC8c
  4. That's crazy. Using a bong as a hammer, and no damage done?! Pretty cool find.
  5. I would have to agree with you. But on one note it depends on the qualty. I may not have as many years of smoking exprence as some people on here but from what I can tell you, most of the bongs on the top 10 list are somewhat hard to break. My Roor is like that and my PHX was, but some dumb ass was holding it by his side and completely ran it into the side of my house that was a brick wall. The only glass that I have seen persoanlly breal "easly" was my Pure. I droped it from maybe 4 inch off the ground and the hole base shattered. But I have been told it can be repaired. It acutually ripped rather well.
  6. Daaaamn. Hell yeah thats great. I recently gotta perc and my friend fuckin kicked the shit and it broke the perc inside with ease. and cracked the stem.,
  7. i can break it....

    i could break a diamond bong :(
  8. how funny would it be, if it broke

    he'd probaly have a dumb look and a caption would pop up

    "this is why you shouldnt use your bong as a hammer"
    brought to you by
    "Frosted Dank, they're more then good, they'reeeeeeeeeeee DANK!"
  9. Coming from someone who has broken two bongs in the past... That's amazing.
  10. pyrex glass is pretty strong, i could do that with my bong.

    that wood looks like a pretty soft variety aswell
  11. you're welcome :)
  12. That was a testament to buying quality and not CHINESE shit glass that breaks if the wind blows too hard. Who cares if it is a bump a good bong is a good bong.
  13. that thing is badass bruh
    Those are some grade-A tits. 
  15. LOL was that real wood? I bet you i could get that bong to break easily!

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