Unboxing "Dude" bong.

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  1. So today I picked up this amazing deal for 30 pounds from my local headshop. I expected to get cheap, thin shitty glass but it's actually pretty thick.
  2. Never heard of them, but it looks nice. Sweet case to go with it as well!
  3. ewwwwy carb (if my eyes arent mistaken)
  4. What's wrong with a carb? Surley it's a personal preference thing?
  5. Word I prefer a carb
    It looks a bit worse
    But everyonce in a while if you don't packa bowl right when you go to pull the slide you throw the weed out
  6. eeeww carb?? ive really never heard anyone say that before. Carb is actually an expected for me
  7. Looks like a really solid bong. How much is 30 pounds in relation to dollars?
  8. Really? A lot of people don't like carbs. I've never smoked out of a bong that had one, so I'm not really sure what my preference is yet.

    For that price though, it looks solid. Nice pick up!
  9. Why would there a be a carb and a slide?
    That just doesn't make any sense.
  10. IMO, that thing is fuckin' beautiful.
  11. as stated above its about preference. I got a buddy who prefers the dry carb. ive only used it once since ive owned the bong so its got a rubber stopper in it. but if he comes by the option is there.
    believe it or not the carb is an EXTRA feature.:eek:

    roor even charges extra for them.
  12. I prefer having a carb on this bong because I have the option of using the slide or using the carb. Even if you don't like a carb surly it's better to always have the option to use one? And 30 pounds in dollars is around 49 dollars.
  13. Nice bong mate, hope it brings you a lot of enjoyement..


  14. Thanks man! It would help me use it if I wasn't dry and dealer-less though lol. I HATE seeing this thing and not being able to use it, I might even just load it up with tobbacco just so I can take a hit from it ha.
  15. The Dude smokes J's not bongs :p Cool looking tube other then the carb. I'm digging the whole 'kit' idea with it tho. Kinda ingenious.

  16. Carbs on Bongs suck. Reason being carbs leave smoke in downstem, ac, slide.

    And if your weed falls out when you pull the slide then you fail at smoking weed. :D
  17. WHAAAAA? i lucky bastard. thats an amazing bong for 45 bucks
  18. nice bong dude i like it
  19. Does it have a carb, and screens instead of a normal glass bowl?

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