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  1. as amazing as it is, just wait about 30 years and prepare to shit your fuckin pants
  2. Amazing, this man is a genius and the potential this has could be world wide.
    +rep for sharing

  3. Yeah, the true potential for this lies in augmented reality projected directly onto the eyes via electronic contact lenses.
  4. This was posted before.

    It truly is amazing, though.
  5. there will be porn of it
  6. :hello:
  7. Great find, man. :)
  8. Yeah, and then in 30 years, someone like you, or maybe even you, will say:

    as amazing as it is, just wait about 30 years and prepare to shit your fuckin pants


    Appreciate the "now"
  9. that was awesome.

    he makes some great points
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    was it that same video? Just ask cause that's actually the second time it was givin a talk at TED. The first time was his professor.

    What really blow's my mind is:

    Dean Kamen previews a new prosthetic arm | Video on TED.com

    and that was from 2007

    edit: there's also one on the site that show's how they have a power that will allow a person to regrow body parts. The video show's several human fingers as well as a female's foot (partial, outer part, think from small toe to about the middle of the arch). I can't find it but once i do will post it.
  11. That's a huuuuugge fucking step for technology!
  12. Woah.... thats trippy

  13. I think someone mentioned it before but they just finished trials of another version of that arm that used sensors inside the body that had much better control. Was a month long test that finished in Dec. I think it was. Yea, i think very soon (within 5 years) we will have people that live with these devices.
  14. SO.

    Where can I find the instructions to build my own?

  15. exactly.
  16. google it. But seriously it's not that hard to build, the hard part is the software that controls it. That's why these things take so long, just like self driving vehicles. They have them in use currently but you wont see them for a very long time in the public domain because there are so many things to deal with that it just takes time to collect that data or design the software that can handle new situations without "freaking out" and making a left turn into the crowd of people on the sidewalk.

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