Unbelievable Coincidence or Police Setup?

Discussion in 'General' started by runner's high, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Either there has been an unbelievably lucky coincidence just now, or I am being set up by the police.


    I just moved into an apartment and I've been planning a closet micro-grow. I ordered a hydro kit, some seeds, and some CFLs to the apartment about a week ago. Except for the CFLs, they were all shipped discreetly, i.e., no labels whatsoever. They haven't come in yet, but they'll be delivered to the post office and I'll be notified. Now, no one knows about my plans except my my girlfriend and my best friend, both of whom live out of state and they don't even know my new address, so they couldn't--and wouldn't--rat me out.

    The coincidence:

    I walk outside to unpack my car. There is a car up the streets with its lights on. It slowly drives past me and parks a little further down the street, still within eyeshot. I forget the car when I see a strange object sitting on the curb in front of my door. It's--get this--a hydro bucket. It was used but perfectly intact. Naturally I took it inside. The car drove off.

    When I get my camera from home, I'll post pics. It's a strange hydro bucket--the net pot is actually bigger than the reservoir underneath. It was still full of pebbles, slightly moldly, and it had been growing some plant other than weed. The whole thing, including the net pot, is slightly smaller than a 5 gallon bucket. (Do you think it's big enough to use?)

    Anyway, what the hell are the chances someone would ditch a hydro bucket right in front of my house? Then again, no one could really know I'm doing a grow, since I've told virtually no one and I have no materials or weed in my house. How could they know? The only way they could no would be if they were somehow monitoring my internet searches. (I am stealing my neighbors wireless, after all.)

    Might my extreme paranoia be warranted?
  2. Maybe aliens are planting shit for you to take to see what your reaction will be. Surprise them.
  3. thats a little bizzare..but why would the police give you a used hydro bucket??

  4. Can't police use confiscated evidence like that?

    Anyway, damn that's spooky. Maybe it's the ghost of Bob Marley spreading the love? What kind of car was it?
  5. A white sedan. If it was a cop car, it wasn't marked.
  6. haha id prob just say fuk the grow right about now
  7. Yeah what he said. I'd just buy a bunch of seeds and make 5 or 6 gardens in the wilderness outside your city. I mean, it's ridiculously unlikely that cops somehow picked up that you were gonna grow some bud, and then wanted to help you out with it so they could bust you when it's grown. They might figure it's inevitable that you're going to grow so they might as well, but it's still ridiculous :p.

    But yeah the white sedan set off my spider sense, I'd be careful.
  8. The more I think about it, the sedan doesn't really worry me. I live on a street with bars at either end, and it's Saturday night. People move their cars around all the time.

    Like I said, the only reason anyone could know would be if they were monitoring my internet. Now, there's no reason anyone would do this, since I've done nothing suspicious.

    It would really suck if I wrote off awesome luck as a police setup. Hell, the cops in my city probably don't even know what hydro is. Even if they did, I doubt they'd plant a hydro bucket outside my house to see if I'd pick it up. That's so absurd--even more absurd than a neighbor just leaving it there because their plant died.

    Fuck you, life.
  9. honestly, just be safe, u already have the other stuff coming, why bother risking anything at all, its not big deal id get rid of the thing but make it visable that its goin away or sumthin so whoever put it there knows.

    be safe man, it could be totally legit but i wouldnt risk anything at all
  10. id throw it out just to be safe, and watch if that car (or any others) comes by and looks at it/picks it up...
  11. should I abort the grow?
  12. Put it right back where you found it and continue as usual.
  13. very strange

    could be either
  14. Police aren't going to be monitering your internet to bust you for a marijuana plant in your house and go through the trouble of dropping off a bucket for you.

    Grow your pot, and smoke it :smoking:
  15. most undercover cop cars arent white, defeats the purpose of undercover quite a bit
  16. Well that's the problem, the probability of the cops doing that is about the same probability of him finding a bucket right in front of his house when he started planning to grow.
  17. weird story...coincidence? theres no way ur being watchd
  18. Pretty much.

    I'm not gonna put the bucket back, though. If they saw me take it, then the damage is done.

    But I'm leaning towards coincidence at this point. There's no way anyone knows I'm planning a grow. And even IF the police did know somehow, there'd be no way they'd set me up like this. They'de be far too lazy, and I believe this would be entrapment. No, they'd just wait until I had my grow started and then bust me.
  19. I am now lawyer but what evidence is that?! You picked up a bucket, outside of your own house, that could have been used to grow a number of plants. If I were a judge, I would laugh that right out of court :) I say go for it just don't make it known that you are doing it and definitely don't deal it.

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