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  1. So I'm about to start my first grow. Pretty excited as I have thought about doing it for a while and now am finally following through with it. I am outfitting a cabinet with a grow box that is L32 x W14 x H21. I will prob start a grow log to record my grow.
    I have most my ideas thought out on how it will be set up. Will post pics later. However, my 2 questions are this.
    1) I will be going away for a couple weeks at the end of february. Is there any way I can set up maybe a large water reservoir and have it drip feed my plants for those couple weeks? Maybe a timer can control it? I need suggestions!
    2) I'm thinking of doing SCROG method with 2 plants. I like indica, any suggestions for a high yielding easy first grow? I've heard Northern Lights fits this description well.
    Thanks bros

  2. Why do you want to do scrog? Because it is flooded throughout this forum??
    Also do you plan on flowering in that grow box?
  3. I'd personally rather not scrog as it is a little more work, but I've read that it's the best route for max yield in a confined grow space. I could be misinformed though. Would you suggest not to? and yeah i need to flower in there. It has to be a stealthy grow
  4. So your grow box is only 21 inches high? How do you plan on getting a plant to grow tall enough to bud? And I have never used SCROG I just know that these forums are flooded with that word and a bunch of new people see it all the time and want to do it.
    Honestly man for what you are trying to do invest in a grow tent you can find some smaller ones you wont need anything huge. 
    What kind of equipment do you plan on using? Are you trying to set this up on a budget or do you have no budget you just want to stay small? Are you trying to hide this from your parents or roomates or something? Fill me in.
    Dont forget you have to account for hood space also vertically so you need a taller box. If you are somewhat crafty, build yourself a cheap grow box out of 2x4's or 2x3's and plywood. Get that 4mil or 6 mill black vapor barrier (i believe it is called visqueen or something) and entirely wrap the box in that stuff, line the inside of the plywood with mylar and make yourself a box big enough for plants to grow. It depends on what kind of hood you are getting but a 5x5 box as high as you can build will fit 2-4 plants.
    We just need some more information on what you are trying to do to help you out but I know for sure your grow box is way too small to flower your plants
  5. Yeah i'm with my parents for several months before college and was just looking to grow for some entertainment. And the reason I figured SCROG was good was because you can bend the plants to grow how you want them to, thus making it possible to flower a plant in such small spaces. I've even seen people who grow outdoors grow there plants completely flat on the ground to avoid helicopter detection.
  6. Never used them but look up sippa pots. I believe they use a wicking method to keep the right moisture level in the soil.

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