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Unable to get stoned?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rileyman6678, May 25, 2009.

  1. Ok well i have smoked weed about 4 times and i have never gotten stoned and i feel the same right after i smoke it. why cant i get stoned?
  2. Youll eventually get stoned lol, It took me 12 times to get high..but on that 12th time I was gone lol and after that its been a wrap
  3. keep smoking weed, you will eventually feel it, smoke more, change what youre smoking, make sure its good weed
  4. sometimes takes a while for me it took 1 time hhehehe but ya hold it in longer take bigger hits and force yourself to cough. also INHALE MOTHA FUCKA lol peace.
  5. /relief..
    i have been worried all day that im not going to be able to get stoned ever, i bought 8 gs, should i smoke it in small increments or large bowls or what?
    oh and btw its sour diesel

  6. dont hold it in longer, hold it in for 5 seconds max, there was a thread about someone getting chestpains from holding in his hits too long, a lack of oxygen isnt getting high
    edit: and to the OP smoke it in bowls, you will feel it more than a blunt or joint
  7. wow holy shit dogg lol 8gs for your first pick up lmao and sour d! Wow you set the bar HIGH for new smokers congrats I would recommend saving the weed as much as possible because its so dank lol just smoke like a good bowl once a day and dont try and imagine what getting high feels like just let your mind run wild thats when it happends.
  8. smoke 2 really fat bowls or 4 regular bowlpacks, wait 20 minutes see how you feel, if you do not feel anything repeat the process
  9. i got a hella good dealer..
  10. mkay i will try that later.
  11. fuck... enjoy that shit d00d

    and just inhale...exhale... make sure it fills your lungs

    OR since you have so much of it
    take a G and make a firecracker...

    it took me 2 tries... on the 3rd one I was stoned out of my mind

    my uncle smoked like 5-6 times never got high...
    but then again he's a republican blue collar polish immigrant tool
  12. well tonite will be my 5th try.. so hopefully ill get stoned tonite..
  13. If I were u I would make a little bong out of a water bottle...and just pack 2 bowls of that sour deez and then report back to us
  14. just smoke and smoke during a sesh until you get high...smoke a gram or more of some dank...i bet u will be ripped
  15. Have fun. I'll give you my tips that got me high for the first time. After you inhale the smoke WITHOUT exhaling, inhale in some air to push the smoke down then hold for 7 secs. Take 5 hits like this and you will be gone. Good luck! At first I did this and felt nothing. Then I sat down and in 5 mins it hit me hard!
  16. alrite.. im going to smoke in half an hour. ill report back if i get high or not.. theres always tomrw if i dont..
  17. Alright man. Really try these tips. Make sure to turn some Bob Marley on and get some pizza ready ;). Hope you get blazed.
  18. haha pizza is our code word for marijuana!

    but yeah let us know how it goesss bro
  19. What do you do if you really want real pizza then?:confused::confused::confused:

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