un petit fete!

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. Well last night I had a gathering. Three french and a few more english. Started when a friend came round, we rolled one and smoked it outside with my french bird. Had a coffee (fucking instant shit) and went back inside. We just smoked bongs in my room and after three tokes she decided to stop. So we put a film on and just sat there for a while. Some more people come and it's still pretty boring. So I think- fuck it, I invite these two guys I kind of used to know- thought it might be fun, and some other people who I didn't know so well and one complete stranger, then some more french arrived and everyone sat in my room smokin bongs or went outside for a joint. My french exchange at one point just lay down on my bed and wouldn't get up, haha. Then after a couple of games of stoned erotic twister (where you loose the pointy thing on that board and just say X person right hand on green- the aim being to make an orgy like scene using just the twister mat and standard instructions) I've had more french girls' heads in my lap than I could tell you thanks to that last night. Fully clothed though which was unlucky :(

    After some games of special twister we drank and smoked some more and watched this really cool french film- la haine. Then something to do with fear and lothing in las vegas, then a foam disc shooting gun was discharged into the room. Then as people trailed off to bed three of us just sat in my room smokin and talking untill around 6.30 in the morning, got three hours sleep untill 9.30 then have just tidied the house as fast as possible for the impending arrival of the rents- funny thing is you'd not be able to tell my room had been completely trashed last night, no smokey smells, nothing. At the end of the day, was good fun, smoked drank and had a laugh- but I didn't get any so I'll be in a cranky/horny mood later.
  2. Sounds like you had a good time Switch..

    I may have to try that erotic twister thing.. That sounds like lots of fun!
  3. yeah BH it's hella fun- especially when you're inebriated. The only problem is that if you are already especialy susceptible to "stoner boner" don't do it with a fine assed french chick and an english one you're into. that was a sticky situation (pun not intended).
  4. That would be embarassing to me if a girl I really liked was underneath.. lol

    It would still be lots of fun though!

    We have played strip poker here. Those stoner boners eventually show theirselves when your not expected..
  5. Les sons comme un amusement "le petit Parti" ... Vraiment souhaiter que je pourrais vous ai joint.. Je sais assez de fille que je pourrais avoir pu apporter qui sont beaucoup ouvre plus à vraiment partying quand il inclut twister les succès de bong et un petit alchohol. .... Espérer que vous avez plus d'amusement la prochaine fois.. Bien sûr il a semblé aime une explosion quand même!! Plus tard. ...

    Je signifie fais des filles les vraiment vêtements de besoin aux partis?

  6. I agree, do they really need them? I think not...lmao

    Plus tard gens.....
  7. Oh BON- on a des gens francophones ici!!! C'est "the city" en Francais...- desole je ne peux pas trouver le "cedilla" ici
  8. ok... i regret not sticking with the french in school....

    does anyone feel like doing a little translation?

  9. Yea, there are french speaking people here :D
  10. i wanna know what's being said but I'm too lazy to go to babelfish and translate.

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