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    ok on here add on ideas if you get what im imagaing damn just post alll the imaginaions you have whether their like this or not any imagniations simple ideas anything. they might sound stupid but more people might be able to connect and add on to a huge imagination cloud o shit.. i started to ramble......


    im just typing my fingers cant keep up

    ok what if when you were high their was a clock( like an hour clock) that hovered above you and it measeured your level of highness. it would be visible only to those that smoke weed or have smoked in the pest 1 year. and you needed to smoke more when you ran to low like.. gasoline... o yeah and the hour clock had a new measurment like part of the metric system or something aand then their were some special police units tht regulated your high's and the lower your battery bar of weed highness was it then you had to refill it or you got a ticket and if you cannot afford weed some would be provided for you....it would be shitty as dry weed... or you can get some yourself. also before you went to wrk you had to be baked at a certain level depending on your job and the importantness of your duties and if youwerent high enoughh you had to smoke b4 you started and on all your breaks. and at most grocery stores they sold edibles so you couild just get baked that way if you dont like to smoke or if the smoke can cause a unhealthy enviorment fuck im sorry if you read this i just realied i might be wasting ur time. anyway imagine an alternate reality where shit like this is real
  2. lol

    Boss from work- What the FUCK is this? your not fucking high. the fuck were you
    thinking !? were you thinking?!

    you - sir i just.. i dont...i couldnt wake and bake sir

    boss from work- get the fuck outta my face you make me sick...your fired.....and not the fired like your high as fuck. your fucking fired.

    Anyways, heres my own idea. what if there was no time? like we totally had a different reality like time wouldnt matter. no clocks no nothing. just living life at your own pace. no money either because time is money.no day or night just like the middle. nvm fuck it this idea sounded really cool in my head but it is kind of shitty written out lol. just wondering like what if theres a whole different reality like when u eat MM. like what if going in straight lines ( like roads) didnt make sense , but squigly zig zags did.
  3. "imagniations" lol

    imagine your standing on the edge of a football field, about to step onto the grass. It looks firm and steady, yet when you step onto it, you're foot doesn't just hit the grass, it continues to fell through it, spreading the grass as it does so.

    You fall into the dense lake of 200 foot tall seaweed, billions upon billions uniformed correctly in geometric order to resemble grass.
    That would trip me the fuck out.

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