UN-Hybridized Sativas

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  1. I am looking for unHybridized Stativas, for an outdoor grow this summer (planting end of may), where can i get these seeds???? What varieties are there (Durban is all i know of) and where the heck can I get them (preferably cheap). What would grow well in the Long Island Sound area??? I have 1 NYCD seed that I'm very hesitant to plant, atleast untill i get some experiance.
  2. if that seed is viable, it could me a male anyways...

    but, uh... good sativa strains:

    durban poison, haze (and any haze crosses), pure power plant, new purple power, california orange bud, jack herrer (or jock horror), cinderlla 99 (c99), etc.

    most site will list if the strain is mostly sativa, mostly indica, or an even mix of both. you really don't need a pure sativa. mostly sativa will be just as good.

    oh and by the way, try www.seedboutique.com

    then go to the breeder page and click nirvana standard seeds.

    I think you should go with the PPP (pure power plant). I think it is possibly the best genetics nirvana has created. it's a white strain. very potent. huge yields. mostly sativa. recommended for outdoors.

    also, when you order from here, they will give you 10 free seeds with your order. most people have been getting durban poison x skunk #1, which would also be nice for you since it is mostly sativa. for around 20 bucks you could get 20 nice seeds. :)
  3. FM4 - Easy Sativa
    LRS - Master Low
    HQS - Durban Poison Amazing Special
    STS - Paia Hawaiiana
    STS - Sativa Mexicana
    REZ - Sour Mist


    *for my referance only

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