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Umphreys McGee the werks

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Lilpaypay24, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Anyone else dig the jam bands? I've recently gotten into them because my friends are into that sort of stuff. I saw the werks on New Years and before that I saw Lotus, personally loved Lotus a bit more than the werks. Friday Umphrey's and the werks are playing I'm stoked. It's gonna be my first Umphrey's show I can wait. Usually the lights for these things are amazing as well. Anyone else with the similar interest?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. Umph put on great shows.  They are all super talented musicians.  The best thing about Umphrey's is their transitions throughout the set.  Like an electronic sound will seamlessly meld into a reggae jam into some pink floyd style progressive stuff back into electronic.  They do it so well. Also their lightshows are spellbinding trips into wonderland. haha Definetly get lifted before you go. Have some mushroom pizza ;)
  3. Yess!! So far the best one I've been to. The werks opened up for them but umph killed it. You're right about their transitions they do it so flawlessly and manage to fit in almost every genre and their lights were entrancing. Such a great experience

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  4. I saw The Werks nye Roevy. The show was soooo nuts. Onslaught was utter perfection.

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  5. Umph is playing at Bonnaroo woooohoooo
  6. What about Papadosio or Dopapod

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  7. Papadosio is playing hoopla in the hills next week 🙌🙌🙌

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  8. I saw Umphrey Mcgee at all good. Put on a good ass show indeed. :)
    The Mad Tea Party Jam 3
    Line up includes - 
    The Werks - TWO NIGHTS
    Dopapod - TWO NIGHTS
    Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

    ^^ Im so excited for this festival to come :)
  9. where??????
    Im going to Family Roots and The Werk Out this year to The Werks & Papadosio and would love to seem em at other fests

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    ^^ I just checked out The Werk Out festival lineup and it looks really good. 3 nights of The werks and 2 papadosio. Looking good. Ohio is alittle too far for me. 
    The Mad Tea Party Jam 3 is at Hedgesville WV. 4 day festival. Plus also check out Camp Barefoot. Pappadosio is gonna be there also. Camp barefoot is also in WV. 
  11. Rootwire also got moved to WV as well. Is WV that radical for festies?

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  12. Idk. All good music festival moved from WV cause i remember reading it was too expensive to throw a festival there. But then again what do i know. lol. Rootwire is looking good by the way. SHPONGLE?!?! I havent seen him in years. 

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