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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TNPAuTo, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. Did I say something wrong that got my last thread moved? I don't get this shit. Oh well......whats up everybody, I had some of the dankest I've had in a while here, I smoked half a bowl of these nuggs and I couldn't move...Don't know what they're called, but I am planning on getting some more:) Anyways, let me know about prices and strains in your areas, I'm in Columbia SC. I havn't been an active smoker for a few months, just on and off, but as far as I know, I can get anything.

  2. don't sweat it. usually if the mods move a thread it's because it fits better in a different forum. If your thread was innapropriate I think the mods would let you know.

    Smoke on...
  3. dont know what ur last topic was that got moved but oh well u just have to trust the moderators theyr looking out for the best intrests of everyone here on the site and their calls ive seen to be usually the correct one \... haha anyways an O of "dirt" er just your average brick chunk usually will run ya around anywhere from 70 to a hundred and nugs youll usually get at 50 to 35 if your damn lucky an eighter almost makes you wish ya knew someone who grew ya know... if only the government would get a clue and legalize it purely for the sake of taxing the hell outa it id gladly pay 25 bucks for an ounce of superdank and have 20 dollars of it going to go towards taxes.. anyone else think thid would be a good idea?
    oh by the way I live in the wisconsin area...
  4. Ive seen a ton of threads being moved off the rec board, but they get moved to the seasoned tokers board. ??? That kinda confused me.
    How does you crazy mods decide what goes on rec and what goes here?
  5. We go by the descrition under Rec use in that forum..

    Recreational Marijuana Use
    Forum on the various methods of marijuana use. Share your methods to enjoy the herb. Bongs, Pipes, Joints, how do you smoke it?

    ^^ this is what the rec use forum is for!!!!^^

    You can find this information under each title in the forums area..

  6. i moved your thread..... you indeed did say you had some dank smoke, and then seemed to get very angry you didnt have anymore.....then there was some gibberish, and the last words went somthing like F-OFF

    you will have more replys to your posts if you dont call people names and tell them off and post when your angry
    i figureged i did you a favor :)


  7. lol @ the description of what his post was... and reasons why youmoved it... and leasons in etiquette :)

  8. Yea and Seasoned Tokers is all about seasoned tokers..... right...
  10. thc, if it had any point at at all. and mayby only had the first sentence it could have stayed, here, there anywhere....but well, it just went to heck from the first sentence,

    your doing a very good job as postwatcher...keep it up :D

  11. I don't care that you removed it, I was just off-topically replying to Bud Heads comment.

  12. Here is what it says!

    Been puffin' for a while? This spot is for our experienced smokers....

  13. Lol i know but like some of the threads it seems like, here or there it doesnt make a huge difference.

    Im guessing the rec board is more for like, "how do i inhale right" questions and this board is more for like, stuff thats beyond learning how to smoke questions???
  14. I dont know, this whole thing didnt even piss me off, just confucked me brain. Anyways, as far as me and probably anyone else is concerned, this is over....peace

  15. Columbia that a diffrent place from in British Columbia, or am i way off.........sorry, i'm from a foreign country, i'm getting not bad at the TX=Texas, and PA=pennsiylvannia etc.........but that ones got me........Peace out..........Sid
  16. South Carolina, Sid Man! Not too far from moi! :D

  17. now that's just what i was looking for, tnx.........Peace out...........Sid
  18. you all are great, im from syracuse new york, i could let the yall slip in thre.....

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