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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NuGZ23, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. so i made a really sick bong outta nalgene bottle and a laser pointer for a slider(i think its called a slider) last night and was wondering how much water i should put in, should the stick part(dunno what its called) be in the water or just above it
  2. ..*sigh*

    The "stick" should be in the water. Dont fill it above the height of the bowl.
  3. Last night after using my homemade I looked at the stem (made from a pen) and realized it was melted down a little after 2 bowls.
    I don't know if the melted plastic affected me, but my high was pretty damn good, lol.
  4. i made mine from a highlighter and the laser pointer fit PERFECTLY
  5. Thats happened to me. Unless its black, i dont think it burned so you should be okay. I suggest you stop using though, or extend the pen to the bowl with tinfoil
  6. Hahaha i don't think the plastic would've made the high better.

    And thanks for the sig quote :p
  7. I had to take it out, I realized that it was too large. But I'll always remember what you said, it was funny as hell!

    I need to make a new bong. One where shit don't melt. Or I can just save up for a glass one, but I am low on money. =(

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