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  1. So about 6 weeks ago a friend of mine noticed a small plant outside his house and had me look at it. At the time it was around 2.5ft tall and looked unpromising. But 3 weeks ago it started flowering. I've never grown, and idk what to expect from this 12 ft monster. Any suggestions?

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  2. check and make sure its a female before u waste too much time on it
  3. It's a female and it's gorgeous. But we've got no idea what strain it could be. Or how much longer its gonna be till harvest.
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    Definitely female. From the looks of the buds, they have a long way to go before they are finished. They look like they maybe 30 days into flowering max. My plants take 75+ days of flowering.

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    Here she is in her entirety. Well, as much of her entirety as I can get on camera. Had to stand on a bucket to get high enuf to get the first 2. Buddy's kinda concerned about someone noticing her. But there's not much of a smell, and I'm thinking 1 tree shouldn't be too much of a concern. Should I consider getting some nutrients for her? If so, what kind and where from?

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  6. what do u mean your friend found it growing in his yard?
  7. How do you miss something that big? 0.o
  8. Lol. We were moving a lawn mower and some other junk away from the side of the house. At that point in time it was about 28 inches tall, with about 10 leaves on it. He looked up and said, "Oh S**T! THAT'S WEED!!" And thus it began. We cleaned up the area and left her alone. And now she's massive! All we've done is water her when there's no rain. No nutes ot pesticides or nothing. But now it's starting to cool down outside, and I'm worried she's gonna need longer than nature allows. :confused_2:
  9. thats awessome that someone came by and planted seeds in your friends yard and that its now a budding female i wonder if that person just goes from neighborhood planting females for everybody
  10. The same thing has happened to me! Cleaning up some junk on the back side of a barn and guess what I found. A 3 footer with nice little buds coming on. I instantly adopted the cute little girl and started feeding her and watering her. Ended up being some great smoke!!

    Someone must have went around the barn at one time and packed a bowl or rolled one up. Chucking the seeds and stems and one of the little seeds made it!!
  11. If it is a height issue for security then I would just supercrop it to a height that is not noticeable. The weather none of us can do anything about but let er go as long as you can. Keep an eye out for mold if it is damp where you are.

    She seems to be doing fine with what is in the ground now so i wouldn't worry too much about nutes at this point. Maybe add some unsulphered molasses. No matter what she gives ya it is alot more than you knew you had prior to finding her so it is all gravy:D
  12. True that! Even splittin it between the 2 of us its gonna be nice. I can't wait. Lol.
  13. Is there any chance of gettin some hash outta her?
  14. is there any chance of getting hash out of her? well u can either smoke her buds, or get the thc off of the buds to use for hash. u can do either one
  15. No hash from the trimmings then?
  16. yes, u can either smoke the buds or make hash its your choice. the trimmings as well u can make hash, thro them away, make brownies, or even smoke them.....
  17. Well on my most recent check up I noticed some crystallization starting around the buds, and she's grown over 1.5ft since i started this thread. But there is a concern...

    Outdoor low temps dropped to 37F the night b4 last and i was unprepared. It's about to warm back up again for a week or 2 so it shouldn't happen again. 37 isn't cold enuf to kill her is it?

    Also, I'm guessing 2-3 weeks before its time to harvest. When the time comes can we cut the base of the plant and hang it upside down to dry the entire tree, or would it be better to cut off the branches and dry them individually? He wants to do the drying in his storage shed, even though I told him it was gonna reek! Is the shed ok? And where should I look to find out about drying and curing methods?
  18. Why not? Usually hash is made from trimmings. You don't want to waste the tasty buds.
  19. I KNOW RIGHT! Lol. I just wanna make some hash as a little treat for my roommate. Buddy wants to put some potting soil or peat moss at the base of her cuz the top parts of her roots r visible, but they have been for a while without ill effect. Would regular potting soil or peat moss be ok to use? Or should he leave it alone?
  20. I have similar weather as u i wonder if we are close. it has gotten about 36-38 for my plants and they have turned purple somewhat - looks really cool on sum of the buds i post pics later but it doesnt kill them. u will be fine for a week or two cuz it be warm and low of like 42

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