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ummm...i dont know what to call it

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Punks Not Dead, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. ok...i was wondering if you guys just stuff the whole bud into the bowl or if you like...umm, break it apart or somethin i yah!
  2. break it apart, and pack it back in there nice and tight
  3. Definitely break it up! So much better than packing nugs. Just cover the bowl when you are done hitting it b/c it will smoke like crazy, for the same reason you get better hits(more surface area).
  4. I've been known to stuff nugz in my piece if I'm in a rush before class or something. But the thing is I don't empty the bowl afterwards, I just break up the remnants later and smoke them.
  5. ok...i was just wondering...cuz earlier my friend kept tellin me that if i break it up it wastes more...but when he just stuck it in htere i had to keep breakin it up with my knife...and yah...thanks ill show him the error of his ways or somethin...whatever lol bye :DY
  6. actually if you put an entire nug in right, and its shaped correctly, you can light it from the middle where the stem is, and since there is a gap along there, the nug begins to blaze from the inside out giving a VERY thick good smoke, atleast from my chillum this works??

    usually needs to be the tip of a bigger bud.

  7. The reason why you get better hits is because there is more space for the smoke to get pulled through!

  8. In addition to what I already said, yes.
  9. when i smoke in the bong i have a tiny nugg go in first.. it kinda serves as a screen, but then i break all the weed up to put in after..
  10. Yeah, break up the buds. It burns better. Moreover, there can be seeds inside the buds (usually found in more shwaggier weed) that you'd wind up smoking otherwise. Yuck! Seeds taste awful!

    The only bowl that I know of that burns a whole bud better then a broken up one is my homemade one-hitter bong. But it's a pretty rare design, so it doesn't count. :)
  11. dude...i could ahve fit the hwole bud in if i didnt break it apart...i borke it apart and i could only fit like havlfe of it at a time...lold BYEYE!!!!!
  12. Also, when you break it apart you can predict better how many hits it will produce. This is good if you like to conserve.
  13. I want a gas mask so damn bad....wait.. what oh yea i usally break up my weed in what ever im smoking out of.
  14. Some of my friends swear by keeping the bud whole. I like to break it up because it gives the weed more surface area and lends itself to a thicker smoke. But it doesn't last quite as long. Your choice.
  15. Definitely break it up, not real fine, though. Oh, yeah, and try to get most of the seeds out b/c they will straight-up give you a headache.
  16. i like to consider broken up bud a sort of treat. with my spoon i cover up the hole with a small nug (likie cs_shoota said) then sprinkle on broken bud or kief. i like to watch it burn that way cuz it crinkles. it also gets me higher that way.

    i can go both ways but the majority of the time i just go with the solid nug cuz i almost always use my spoon (i don't have much choice with my one-hitter cuz small buds will fall out)

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