Discussion in 'General' started by phunkyphil, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. ..what happened to my thread?
  2. I don't know for sure what happened to it. It may have been deleted.

    I would suggest you not make post about stealing on this site. We are very serious about not having any threads about illegal activities such as the thread you made!
  3. illegal activities.. thats bullshit

    people talk about illegal activities on here all the time

    'stealing cough syrup for fun and profit'.. it was a joke
  4. Well let me put it to you this way. I don't know who did it, but I think who ever done it, thought it should be deleted because of the stealing..

    I can't say for sure but that is my thinking.

    Anyway. Me and critter disscused the thread and someone else deleted before we got a chance to do anything..

    I am trying to find out who and why.
  5. well.. thanks
  6. Hey...I just read about all of this and I want it known that I didn't do it either. When I delete a thread or edit one, I contact those involved. I didn't even get to see this one!
  7. I'd like to just go on record as saying for the I was not involved in this little faux pas. First time a faux pas was committed, and I was'nt the one doing it.

    Thanx for taking some pressure off Critter!:)

    If ya did it that is.

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