umm, good idea or bad idea?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by brian8472, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. im taking alot of darkgreen/light brown seeds i find in my bud that i buy and attempting to germinate them is this pretty much what should be done or do i need to buy seeds themselves from a bud store rather then just picking them from my weed?
  2. wont cost u anything to try.

    u wont know who dad is but mom is the bud u are smoking.
  3. Depends if you like the bud you are smoking..! personally if you are going to grow it you should buy good STOCK so you know the flowering period and traits of that particular plant..

    wot i mean is you could be trying to grow a sativa ( large plant ) inside when it should be outdoors and vice versa with an indica ( mainly indoors ) a lack of info could be a bit of a downer..bottom line...if your going to risk it then do the best job u can..
  4. for the first time, go bagseed.
  5. bleh... USE THE BAGSEED!

    at least until u have a few grows done with. use it to learn on. then when you know EXACTLY what you're doing, move on to the genetics.
  6. the breed i have is a sativa i can tell from the high and ill be growing indoors right now while it still germinates im researching about lights and such for it to see which would be best
  7. what's your grow area size? width in ft by depth in ft? how many plants?
  8. haha, update: all 3 have germinated and one is now in a bucket and 2 in plastic cups

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