Um ... What's with all the Shrooms?

Discussion in 'General' started by chillax, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Um ... what's with all these sudden posts about Shrooms?

    And not just shroom's in general ... but acquiring them.

    This is sketchy.

    Anyone else on to this?

    At least 2 in Seasoned Tokers and now one in Recreation Use.
  2. I'm thinking something's up.
  3. I noticed that too. There also seems to be a lot of trolls now too, posting weird shit like "DUDE I GOT IN FIGHT WITH MY FREIND WE WERE HIGH HE STABBED ME NOW IM DEAD LOL AHAHA SO WHERE U GET UR WEED FROM?1!"
  4. Uhh, I purchased shrooms and posted pic's, thats why my post is there.

    But yeah that goggalor guy is sketchy, seems like LEO.
  5. i made the thread about shrooms in recreational because i was just wondering if there just a hard thing to get or there outta season.
  6. Shroom season has just started. Dont see why u think its sketch? lol paranoid stoner
  7. yep haha... its shroom time!
  8. Okay okay ... ... ... just watchin out.
  9. its the cops:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Fuck the popo!
  11. dude, shrooms are crazy man. thats why everyones talking about them. and the harvest was like a month ago, so now is a prime time to be buying them. i'm doing them on friday i think
  12. Wow I got really paranoid for a sec, for a second I started to think the cops were at my door. I'm really fucking blazed right now :smoking:
  13. haha, i wish i was as baked as you right now :smoke:

    oh and i think the OP in this thread is a cop, just look at his words. something about him doesn't click right with me. i think you guys are on to something. contact the admins and have them check where these guys are posting from. see if the IPs are in the gov range (blacklist) and we'll know what we're dealing with.
  14. Oh yeah there are def. LEO on this site, I get PM's daily, sometimes from people with 0 posts, that has happened like 10 times, people with 0 posts, but registered 6-18 months ago, message me looking for a "hookup".

  15. thats fucked man..:eek:

  16. In my own defense ...

    I've been on here since Jan 2005. And maybe plenty of posts.

    And hate pos. And love grass.

  17. grasscity is a popular site among cannabis lovers, i am sure it's on a watch list.

  18. Anyone with this problem, feel free to PM me, and that member will be banned.

    I am sick of members bothering good members becouse they get the dankness.

    So, wunschshrek, and anyone else, pm me and i got you. ill take care of ya.
  19. Ditto... This is highly against the rules... And yeah, it happens to me a lot too. But I've known that the 50's are watchin me for a while now. Fuck them pigs :p
  20. i'm gonig to take a wild guess and say it's because people want to do shrooms?

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