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    When I used to lurk there all the threads were about drugs, when I checked it after all the changes they were all about dicks or trannies or jerking off but they were all about sex in some way.

    I know it's meant to be 'Controversial topic' but thats a pretty big ball park. Can you give some limits or examples of what can be posted.

    Also, will there be any change in regards to the moderated approval before threads are shown with these new changes or will that stay in place. I think it's fair to say that it doesn't work that well as a system, I don't know how many times I've seen people post that they posted in the wrong section so they wouldn't have to wait or have their post blocked.

    Please do not close this thread, I'm not making a complaint or trying to be derisive here I'm just a little confused about Pandora's Box, Is it like general 2 or i don't know :confused:.


    P.S. I like the new changes in Pandora's

    P.P.S. I feel for the blades that lost it.
  2. the moderation thing will be left going till people figure out they can't make threads about crack and cough syrup.

    you can post anything you like ion there as long as it fits within the rules. We moved a few of the more wacky sex threads in there from another section just to jumpstart things a little..

    but shit like conspiracy theories, chicks with dicks, and probably other threads that get reported for being "offensive" will probably get moved in there instead of being deleted (if they are good threads worth reading)

    PS..welcome back, glad you didn't split for good man :)
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    Ok, sweet thanks a lot man.

    So what exactly caused the changes, was it a business move or too much rule breaking or?

    EDIT: thanks man, I was acting like a little girl for ages, then just snapped out of it
  4. a little bit of both i guess..

    too much rule breaking forced a business decision.

    but yeah.. anything that's within the rules of the boards that that some policitally correct blades may find offensive would fit nicely in the box.
  5. We simply cannot have nice things.
  6. Blame the constant influx of kids ignoring rules and flooding the mods with thread submissions that they would know won't fly if they'd read said rules.

    Blame it on kids who think it's somehow a good idea to take a shitload of DXM, or heroin, etc. The list goes on.

    'We simply cannot have nice things' is a bit harsh. GC is a very nice thing to have as it is.

    Do I wish we could discuss the natural psychedellics? Sure. There are other places to discuss those though on the Internet. This place is about cannabis.
  7. Yall say kids but the maturity rating of seasoned tokers is much lower than that of those in threads like opiate appreciation. I mean the way people type and word posts and carry themselves is like children all over but that thread and the growing sections. Only ones I can read.

    Edit: Also I agree with current PB rules. It sucks but it's right.
  8. i hear ya man.. i'm guessing the average age of the seasoned tokers posters is 17.

    unless OSG is in there.. then the average jumps up to about 20.5 :wave: :bolt:

  9. Zing!

  10. haha that cracked me up. but its so true.

    I was only gone for a few days while my computer was down, I get back on and I'm like "whoa, whats going on?". haha.

    Well I really hope PB can go back to like it used to be. Maybe now I'll check it out more often. Good job mods! :metal: This can be the start of the site going back to how it was back in the day.
  11. this is why we cant have nice things
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    Apparently you CAN talk about shaving your genital in the box.

    Which of course is the most important thing. ;)

    Smiley for kidding reference.
  13. There are still a few things I'm confused about.

    If somebody was to make a 'Real Life Story' that contained use of other drugs, for example "I was on ecstacy last night and ...". Also what about threads that aren't directly about use of other drugs, for example if I wanted to get some advice on what to do if I'm being a trip sitter. Are these ok?
  14. It's going to depend on the situation. If being on the "other drug" is just a side note to the story, then there's no issue. If it's the point of the story, then there's an issue.

    The thing about a thread asking for advice on being a trip sitter is a bit different. I don't see how you can have a thread like that without talking about what's making the person trip or how much they're taking to trip.

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